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Do Yoga in Paris Now

8 Mar Five Weeks of Yoga + Vegan Cuisine with Carolina Daza (2 of 5) 
8 Mar Yoga for Runners 
8 Mar Yoga Nidra 
8 Mar Ashtanga Second Series (ongoing) 
9 Mar Hormone Yoga Therapy 
9 Mar Core Vinyasa 
9 Mar Deepen Your Yoga Practice (Level 1) 
9 Mar Mindfulness Workshop 
9 Mar Yin Yoga + Meditation 
10 Mar Celebration of Shivaratri 
10 Mar Iyengar Yoga  
10 Mar Yoga + Vital Energy 
10 Mar Tantra + Yoga 
10 Mar Yoga in the Dark
10 Mar Movement + Postures (2 sessions) 
10 Mar Integral Yoga  
10 Mar Yin Yoga  
10 Mar Beginner Series (4 of 4) 

9 Mar Guerilla Yogi (Donation)
9 Mar Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!)

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