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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Yoga + Paris + Instagram = Fun Eye Candy!

Photo: Kapstand

Follow someone on Instagram, and in a short amount of time you’ll soon be able to trace the contours of their life. If you follow me, for example, you’ll see that I moved, that I’ve been spending way more time cleaning my apartment than doing yoga, and that every now and then, I actually leave the house.

On Instagram, I love watching other people’s habits and rituals slowly come into focus, each successive image adding another layer of dimension and color. Perhaps it is because I’m a visual person, but I find the carousel of images dazzling in the best way possible: inspiring, motivating, and fun. And when it comes to yogis in Paris, asana, coffee, delicious food, art and cool fashion flicker past.

Right now, there are some amazing people doing amazing things in Paris, and you should follow them on Instagram! If you’re not on Instagram, no problem. Just click below and marvel at what some of your fellow humans are accomplishing, eating, visiting and recording.

1/ Kapstand
This dude is doing one-armed handstands all over Paris and it is super inspiring.

Photo: Kapstand

2/ Sandra Insoha Yoga 
Parisian yogini and yoga teacher, Sandra recently graced the cover of Esprit Yoga magazine, and her Instagram feed is full of challenging poses and playful videos. 

Photo: Sandra Insoha Yoga

3/ Sidonie Siliart 
This wonder woman is an art director, yogi, co-founder of Tout Ça Pour Ça, and co-creator of the Bliss Yoga Festival. A girl after my own heart, Sidonie always knows the hip vegan lunch spots and best places to have excellent coffee. Warning: her Instagram feed will make you hungry!

Photo: Sidonie Siliart

4/ Le Yoga Shop Paris 
This Instagram feed is like getting an inside peek at Le Yoga Shop Paris’s seasonal mood board. Mixed in with images of their product line are sweet, candid photos of the Mysore Yoga Paris community.

By the way: if you’re in Paris this weekend, please stop by 0fr on Sunday from 15h to 18h for the launch of Le Yoga Shop Paris’s newest edition of their journal.

Photo: Le Yoga Shop Paris


Do Yoga in Paris!

21 Mar Comment Développer sa Pratique Personnelle avec Tatiana Abbey-Chartier 
21 Mar Yoga + Ayurveda (Vata/Air) avec Charlotte Saint Jean 
21 Mar Pratique de Détente + Récupération avec Julien Cailleux 
21 Mar Power: Durga, the Great Goddess with Susanna Harwood Rubin 
22 Mar Yoga + Fatigue avec Naomi 
22 Mar Breathe + Flow avec Charlotte Saint Jean 
22 Mar Spring Equinox with Amanda Dates 
22 Mar Yoga + Détox avec Emma 
22 Mar BMC + Yoga avec Françoise Bachelard 
22 Mar 108 Salutations au Soleil Pour Bien Commencer le Printemps avec Tatiana Avila-Bouru 
22 Mar Energie du Printemps avec Charlotte Saint Jean 
22 Mar Vinyasa Yoga Parents-Enfants avec Marion Souléliac 
22 Mar Hatha Yoga avec Maeva 
22 Mar Yoga Iyengar + Torsions avec Christa 
22 Mar Ferocity: Kali, Goddess of Fierce Grace with Susanna Harwood Rubin 
22-23 Mar Yoga + The Pelvic Floor with Leslie Howard 
22-23 Mar Asana + Pranayama—Débutants et Intermédiaires 
22-23 Mar Bikram Yoga with Emmy Cleaves 
23 Mar “Adi Vajra Shakti Yoga” avec Anne et Marie-Hélène 
23 Mar 108 Salutations au Soleil avec Silvia 
23 Mar Ashtanga Yoga avec Suzy (Débutant/Débutant Avancé) 
23 Mar “Open Your Heart” avec Maryam Askari 
23 Mar Hatha Yoga avec Sri Venudas 
23 Mar Yoga + Confiance en Soi avec Elayne 
23 Mar Chakras Energy Vinyasa avec Patrick Frapeau 
23 Mar Yoga Détox du Printemps avec Nadège 
23 Mar Cuisine Ayurvedique: Saveurs de l’Inde avec Matthieu Waddell 
23 Mar Hatha Yoga avec Carlos Sanchez 
23 Mar Hormone Yoga Therapy avec Kathy Wolff 
23 Mar Desire: Meenaksi, the Warrior Princess and Kamasksi, the One Whose Eyes are Desire with Susanna Harwood Rubin 
23 Mar Introduction à la Méditation avec Suzy 
23 Mar Postures Debout: Dynamisation et Vitalité avec Jean-Louis 
23 Mar Yoga + Thaï Massage avec Carole Simonelli 
24-25 Mar Jivamukti Master Classes with Jules Febre and Rima Rabbath  

21 Mar Body Balance avec Lolë (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
21-23 Mar Art + Science of Subtle Sounds with Shyamji Bhatnagar 
22 Mar 1er Championnat de France de Yoga Asana (Entrée Libre) 
22 Mar Portes Ouvertes/Open House at Centre Sivananda Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
22 Mar “Yoga in the City” with YUJ at Palais Galliera (FREE! GRATUIT !)
23 Mar Yin Yang Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
23 Mar Community Class at Centre de Yoga du Marais (10€) 

28-30 March Weekend Yoga + Detox in Somme 
13-19 April Flourishing Yoga Creativity in Normandie 
25-27 April Weekend in Normandie  
17-25 May Yin Yoga Training + Getaway in Gard  


Go, Green Goddess, Go!

Photo: Rebecca LefflerUbiquitous on social media, and in tight with the Parisian yoga community, journalist Rebecca Leffler has spent years infusing her work in France with a big helping of New York energy. Her new book Green, Glam & Gourmande converts that energy into a lively compendium of all of the ingredients that power Rebecca’s busy and healthy lifestyle: yoga and wellness practices, juices and smoothies, and a colorful, seasonal, gluten-free vegan diet.

To celebrate the book’s publication, Rebecca will be hosting a book signing event at Le Tigre Yoga Club this Sunday 16 March, beginning at 13h.

Photo: Rebecca Leffler

Sprinkled throughout the afternoon (like the chia seeds Rebecca recommends!) will be mini yoga sessions led by Mika de Brito and Sandrine Bridoux, tastings by La Guinguette d’Angèle, cold-press juices and smoothies by Bojus, and teas by Løv Organic.

This will be a fun and informal chance to experience Rebecca’s holistic philosophy, live and direct! Pepper her with questions, grab a book and have it autographed, or just get cozy in one of Le Tigre’s yummy sofas and enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Photo: Editions Marabout


The Daily Love’s “Enter the Heart” Tour Lands in Paris

Last night, Big Apple Yoga France opened its studio and hosted the Paris stop on The Daily Love’s “Enter the Heart” tour. It was an evening of Kundalini yoga (an ass-kicker -- or should I say arm-kicker? -- session led by the energetic, Paris-based Carol Issa,) and music, wild dancing, conga line massages, meditation, hugs, daring and sharing led by Mastin Kipp.

The scene at the beginning was rather subdued as participants organized their mats and chit-chatted with one another.

It didn’t take long for Mastin to whip up a sense of community, a “sacred container” as he called it, for the group to begin excavating through the layers of our individual stories -- stories, that once unearthed and shared, revealed more commonalities than differences. It is always surprising when you talk to a total stranger and realize how many parallels there are in your goals and aspirations…

Photo: Jo Ishiguro

There were a lot of takeaways, but my favorite is this quote of Mastin’s that is still reverberating: “Fear is a compass showing you where to go.” This, to me, is such a practical interpretation Abhaya, the Sanskrit term that encapsulates both fear and fearlessness, and was such a clever way of bringing together the yoga practices with the coaching and journaling exercises.


Do Yoga in Paris!

12 Mar Yoga du Coeur avec Yohanna Bliss 
12 Mar Kundalini Yoga avec Florence Hotelet 
14 Mar Yoga + Chakras avec Renan de Germain 
15 Mar Découvrir la Série Complète Pawanmuktasana avec Naomi 
15 Mar Vinyasa Yoga avec Benoît Le Gourriérec 
15 Mar Donation Saturdays (formerly Guerilla Yogi) with Marc (Donation) 
15 Mar Yoga + Respiration avec Delphine 
15 Mar Ashtanga, Les Fondamentaux avec Vanessa McCarthy 
15 Mar Cycle Spécial Débutants avec Oriane 
16 Mar Hormone Yoga Therapy avec Florence Dugowson 
16 Mar Luna Yoga “Pleine Lune” avec Noriko 
15 Mar Ceci N’est Pas du Yoga avec Rajeev Kahn (yoga + dharma talk) 
16 Mar Journée de Pratique Iyengar avec Christa Bricka 
16 Mar Yoga Intégral + Kirtan avec Alexandra Peyre 
16 Mar Iyengar Yoga avec Carine Barco 
16 Mar Se Libérer des Tensions Physiques et Mentales, et se Ressourcer avec le Yoga 
16 Mar Yoga: Haut du Dos, Nuque, Épaules avec Céline Miconnet 
16 Mar Yoga Detox avec Laurence Gay 
16 Mar The Fundamentals of Inversions + Hand Balances with Rajeev Kahn  
16 Mar Iyengar Yoga with Meïr 
16 Mar Core Yoga with Christina Towle  
16 Mar La Circulation des Flux Energetiques dans les Postures avec Géraldine 
16 Mar Journée Exceptionnelle “Green, Glam & Gourmande” avec Rebecca Leffler  

10 Mar Community Class (Ashtanga 2) at Ashtanga Yoga Paris (5-8€)
11 Mar Soirée “Amazones” avec Lolë (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
11 Mar Community Class (Ashtanga 1) at Ashtanga Yoga Paris (5-8€)
11 Mar The Daily Love “Enter the Heart” Tour with Mastin Kipp (2 events)
14 Mar Gym Dos Zen avec Lolë (FREE! GRATUIT !)
14 Mar Cours d’Essai au Centre Sivananda Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
15 Mar Soirée indienne (yoga + dîner d’inspiration indienne) avec Yoga Sattva Paris (sur donation)
15 Mar Yin Yang Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
16 Mar Bienvenue/Découverte à l’Espace Yoga Bastille (11€) 
16 Mar Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
16 Mar Community Class at Centre de Yoga du Marais (10€) 

13-19 April Flourishing Yoga Creativity in Normandie 
25-27 April Weekend in Normandie  
17-25 May Yin Yoga Training + Getaway in Gard