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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris

In this week’s Parisian yoga workshop department, a bit of a slow-down with the holidays but rest assured that January 2013 is going to be plein comme un oeuf when it comes to opportunities for getting on your mat and recommitting to your practice. Joyeuses Fêtes!

22-25 Dec The Gift of Practice
27-30 Dec Holiday Workshops with Antoine + Sophie  


Four Holiday Workshops with Antoine + Sophie

If you’re looking for a post-Christmas intensive, you should consider heading to Ashtanga Yoga Paris for Four Holidays Workshops with Antoine and Sophie. From Thursday 27 December through Sunday the 30th, you’ll move progressively through different classes of poses to deepen and expand your practice.

You can sign up for individual sessions depending on what you’d like to focus on, or participate in the whole series. The planning for each session is here.


This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris

21 Dec Winter Solstice Candlelight Flow
21 Dec Kundalini Yoga 
21 Dec Yoga for Runners (ongoing)
21 Dec 108 Sun Salutations
22 Dec Tools for Mindfulness 
22-25 Dec The Gift of Practice
23 Dec Winter Solstice with Adriano
23 Dec 108 Sun Salutations

21 Dec Candlelight Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE!)
22 Dec Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 
23 Dec Connected Breath with Lolë Paris (FREE!)


Luxury Yoga Retreat at Les Prés d’Eugénie

Photo: Les Prés d’EugénieAs I plan the “Retreats” section of Yogateau (launching in early 2013!) I’ve been gathering resources on yoga retreat locations throughout France, as well as investigating new venues and programs that combine the health benefits of yoga with beautiful settings. Yoga retreats run the gamut from humble to elaborate, from an individual teacher’s vision (Renan de Germain, for example) to a group’s collective wisdom (European Yogi Nomads, anyone?) In each instance, the experiences are shaped from beginning to end to ensure that each participant feels renewed, and simultaneously energized and peaceful. On the surface, a yoga retreat is a quick way to plug back into your practice without life’s usual distractions; on a deeper level, though, it’s really about plugging back into yourself.

Photo: Relais & Châteaux

One of Spring’s most opulent yoga escapes will surely be “Weekend PUR DÉTOX” led by Paris-based yoga teacher Amanda Dates. Hosted at Les Prés d’Eugénie, a luxurious 5-star Relais & Châteaux property nestled in the Landes, this retreat will offer as much enchantment and sensory indulgence -- chef Michel Guérard’s Grande Cuisine Minceur™ has been awarded 3 Michelin stars -- as deluxe relaxation. A unique experience that is truly the perfect marriage of wellness and bucolic elegance!

Photo: Les Prés d’Eugénie

Amanda’s focus will be, as it always is, on “going back to the source,” which she means  both literally and figuratively. On the literal level, Amanda is referring to terroir, or the soul of a place, and her teaching is inspired by and adapted to its location and the seasons. On the figurative level, “going back to the source” means reconnecting with your essence, using the practice of Vinyasa Flow to know yourself more deeply and honestly.

Friday 31 May-Sunday 2 June. Picture it: three days of delicious yoga, meditation and pranayama, all of it in sumptuous surroundings, nourished by sensational cuisine. What are you waiting for? Click here for more info. Additional details and reservations available through Les Prés d’Eugénie - Michel Guérard, 05 58 05 06 07.


The Unknown Hipster is a yogi? Of course he is!*

This Saturday at Colette, Jean-Philippe Delhomme will be signing copies of his new, limited edition book, The Unknown Hipster Diaries. The Unknown Hipster was modeled after late 60s/early 70s George Harrison so it’s no surprise that this character is as much into art, fashion and music as he is into Eastern mysticism and yoga (to prepare for the Venice Biennale, for example, the Unknown Hipster toughened himself with meditation.) He has also suggested the book serve as a yoga prop, however this modification is probably best attempted by advanced practitioners.

“You have to stay interested and not care about being interesting.”**

The above illustration is the dedication that Jean-Philippe drew on my copy. Designing the book, and working with Jean-Philippe and August Editions were, for me, highlights of 2012: a melding of everything great about Paris and New York, design and culture, yoga, life and work. The very best kind of project!

Copies will be available for purchase at Colette, as well as at 0fr (one of Kia from Mysore Yoga Paris’ favorite places!) If you’re not sure what to wear to such a branché affair, Colette has kindly put together outfit suggestions.

* And so is his philosophical creator who’s been following his Dharma from the very beginning!
** To read a fantastic and inspiring interview with Jean-Philippe, head over to Garance Doré’s blog. The interview is available in both French and English. By the way, you know that Garance is a yogi, right?