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New Yogateau Feature: Yoga Retreats and Events in France

Today Yogateau launches a new feature of the website, Practice in France, which includes two new categories: Yoga Retreats and Yoga Events! The listings for each are organized chronologically so that they are easier to use, and because the content is now persistent and easy to access, the time between daydreaming about a yoga holiday and actually planning one will be much, much shorter. Hooray! Taking your yoga on the road just got easier.

This new arrangement of information will benefit students looking for a yoga vacation (right now, there are listings for yoga retreats in Ardèche, Paris, Provence, Landes, Savoie, and Dordogne), and teachers looking for venues to host their own retreats in France. There are more and more châteaux, auberges, villas, moulins, and bastides welcoming yogis in France, and I expect the opportunities to keep on growing!

In the weeks to come, I will continue adding to the Retreats and Events sections, so I encourage you to keep taking a peek. And of course, if you know of a brilliant retreat or event happening somewhere in France that I’ve missed, please let me know at yogateau [at] gmail [dot] com.


Cool Haunting: The Museum of Everything

If you haven’t yet been to The Museum of Everything, make sure you check it out before it moves on to the next city in February! This exhibition of art brut, aka outsider art, is housed in an old convent on the stuffy boulevard Raspail. You can’t possibly miss the museum because the signage stands out like a loopy smile in a phalanx of aloof, sand-colored buildings.

Part of what makes the show so affecting is the way it rambles from room to room, from Henry Darger to Guo Fengyi, up and down narrow steps from one floor to the next. It feels as though you are inside one of the artists’ minds, moving from wide spaces to shadowy corners, stumbling and feeling your way toward understanding. Even if the wall text weren’t there to explain each artist’s disability or troubled background, you would still feel their pain and the weight of their struggle in the art. The art is obsessive, sometimes beautiful, sometimes troubling. The Museum of Everything really made me question art -- how we define it, how we choose to validate then display it -- and made me wonder, too, about art’s therapeutic, prophylactic and redemptive power.

I was quite moved by the art, but also very grateful for the café and gift shop’s cheery respite!


Do Yoga in Paris Now


Student Spotlight: Fleur Mirzayantz Of Mademoiselle Yoga

“Yoga has become a real necessity, on the same level of importance
as the arms of my beloved.”

Photo: Mademoiselle Yoga

I met Fleur Mirzayantz at Beyoga last month while we were both waiting for Marc Holzman’s class to begin. While getting ready, Fleur confided that she, too, has combined her twin loves of yoga and Paris into a cool idea: Mademoiselle Yoga! Mademoiselle Yoga is a yoga mat bag company whose designs are practical, chic and ethically produced. All of Mademoiselle Yoga’s bags are created in Paris, hand-crafted and made to order by disabled artisans from ESAT Ménilmontant, a social service in the 20ème arrondissement that provides work opportunities to develop the artisans’ autonomy and professional integration into society. Fleur is a yogi whose practice is transforming not just her life, but the lives of others as well. Get a Mademoiselle Yoga bag, and help someone in need. What could be more yoga than that?

What’s your yoga story? How long have you been doing yoga?
After a number of years spent dancing, I discovered yoga during a trip to Kerala two years ago. Since then, I’ve become totally addicted!

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