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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris

21 Nov Yoga + Sound with Caroline   
22 Nov Postnatal Yoga 
23 Nov Opening the Heart Flow  
24 Nov Yoga Nidra
24 Nov Hatha Yoga 
24 Nov Yin Yoga 
24-25 Nov Asana and Pranayama for Beginning + Intermediate Students (1 of 2) 
24-25 Nov Yoga + Fatigue 
25 Nov Full Spectrum Hatha Yoga  
25 Nov Anchoring + Stability  
25 Nov Anusara Yoga with Simon Pyrke  
25 Nov Prenatal Yoga  
25 Nov Pilates + Vinyasa Yoga 
25 Nov Pranayama with Cécile Barra  
25 Nov Chakras  
25 Nov Yoga + Ayurveda  

23-24 Nov Open House at Big Apple Yoga France (FREE!)
24 Nov Open House at Centre Sivananda (FREE!) 
24 Nov Open House at Yoga & Co (FREE!) 

24 Nov Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!)  
24 Nov Guerilla Yogi (Donation) 
25 Nov Meditation (FREE!)
25 Nov Itha Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE!)
25 Nov Meetup with Lolë Paris and Anima Athletica (FREE!)  


Just Breathe

I couldn't resist taking this picture of people milling in front of the giant clock face at the Musée d’Orsay when I was there a few weeks ago for the “Impressionisme et La Mode” exhibition. I liked the contrast in feeling between the expansive lightness of Paris’ sky, and the tighter, corseted galleries downstairs. 

Photo: Courtauld Institute of Art, LondonThe interplay between that freedom and restriction really reminded me of the breath, and how in yoga and pranayama sometimes retaining it (Kumbhaka) can bring more vitality to inhalations and exhalations. I also really love the word Kumbhaka because it evokes a chalice (kumbha) and if you think of the shape of a chalice, it has the same curved forms as a woman’s body from the 19th century -- tightly cinched at the center, bosomy above, bountiful below.


Yoga Shopping in Paris, Part I

After a good and sweaty Ashtanga class with Carolina, she and I paused for a drink in the 10ème arrondissement. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we talked and talked and talked. I was feeling invigorated by yoga’s afterglow and Carolina’s energy, and as we parted, I decided to bounce home along the quai de Jemmapes. Somewhere between Oberkampf and Richard Lenoir the spring in my step turned to cement as I realized why I felt so weightless and free. It wasn’t the weather, or yoga, or lively conversation—I’d forgotten my yoga mat at the café!

In the past, this sort of faute d’étourderie would have unleashed panic, but not any more. This calmer moi can be attributed to a) yoga, and b) the fact that Paris boasts so many more options for yoga accessories and clothing than ever before. Lost mat? No problem! There are now plenty of places that sell the necessities for yoga. From studios with dedicated retail areas to full-fledged yoga-specific stores, it’s now easy to get a mat, or a new outfit (read this tip on learning when it’s time to retire the yoga porno pants and get a fresh pair!) 

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This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris

16 Nov Moon Sequence 
17 Nov Shamanic Yoga 
17 Nov Inversions 
17-18 Nov Iyengar Yoga  
17-18 Hatha Yoga 
17-18 Yin Yoga + Thai Massage 
18 Nov Hatha Yoga + the Chakras 
18 Nov Free the Hips  
18 Nov Intro to Pranayama (Flying Breath)  
18 Nov Dynamic Yoga
18 Nov Yoga for Women  

16 Nov Hatha Flow with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 
17 Nov Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!)  
18 Nov Pranayama with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 


Cool Haunting: Musée Cernuschi

As a teenager I lived in the 17ème arrondissement, closer to the banlieue of Clichy than to anything resembling a Parisian cliché. Between my lycée on the hardscrabble boulevard Bessières and my dance school near the much tonier Porte Champerret, my familiarity with the 17th merely skirted its periphery. To me, Batignolles wasn’t a charming square, but the name of a stop on the 66 bus line, a bus I’d take to Opéra whenever I needed a new pair of pointe shoes. I was myopic in the way that only a fifteen year old can be, etching my life with a fine-tipped scribe and never stepping outside of the lines.

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