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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Do Yoga in Paris This Week!

Photo: Big Apple Yoga France

6 June Dharma Yoga with TJ Jackson 
7 June Yoga for Runners (ongoing) 
7 June Postnatal Yoga Series with Sharon Bales (session 4 of 5) 
8 June The Balance of the Cube (Drishti) with Mika de Brito (2 in a series of 4 workshops) 
8-9 June Yoga + Body-Mind Centering 
8-9 June Hips, Pelvis + Low Back Anatomy Awareness in Asana 
8-9 June Yoga + Emotional Health 
9 June Kundalini Yoga with Francine Leseney 
9 June Special Summer Detox with Sandra 
9 June Ashtanga Yoga Pilates Style with Christina 
9 June Arm Balancing with Amanda Dates + Janelle Watters-Oliel 
9 June Yoga with Céline Revol 
9 June Pranayama with Cécile Barra (2 sessions)  
9 June Hatha Yoga with Aloys Berdoll  
9 June Kundalini Yoga + Creative Potential with Cadine  
9 June Iyengar Yoga with Annie Baude  
9 June Self-Awareness + Awareness of Others (Yoga and Theater) 

3-13 June Room to Read’s Namaste World (Donation, various locations throughout Paris)
8 June Ashtanga Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE!)
8 June Guerilla Yogi (Donation) 
9 June Vinyasa + Yin Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 

8-23 June FLY YOGA© Training 

For a round-up of all of the June 2013 retreats, click here! 
8-15 June Surf + Yoga in Landes  
8-15 June Yoga Bliss in Poitou-Charentes 
11-17 June Extreme Balance in Tarn-et-Garonne  
13-19 June Yoga + Well-Being in Tarn  
17-21 June Raw Food + Yoga Detox in Pyrénées-Atlantiques 


June 2013 Yoga Retreats in France

June is ripe with juicy yoga retreats all over France! I thought it would be smart to group all of June’s retreats in one place, to make it easier for you to plan your yoga vacation. From Vinyasa Flow to Jivamukti, raw cuisine to surfing to hiking, there are many events to tempt you. No matter which adventure you choose, don’t forget that it’s the journey that matters.

2-8 June, 2013: Sea + Yoga Retreat in Èze (Alpes Maritimes)

Join Eric Jago, yoga teacher and co-author of Art of Attention, for six days of yoga and creativity in a beautiful, intimate setting. Individual workshops are available as drop-in sessions, so if you’re in the area, check it out!

8-15 June, 2013: Surf + Yoga Retreat in Mimizan (Landes)

This getaway combines yoga and surfing with workshops on Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage and Balance Ball technique to improve your strength, flexibility and balance.

8-15 June, 2013: Yoga Bliss in Nonac (Poitou-Charentes)

Take time out for yourself with a week of Yoga Bliss with Kirsty Norton. With twice daily yoga sessions, dips in the pool and walks, this retreat guarantees relaxation.

11-17 June, 2013: Extreme Balance Retreat in Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne)

Acclaimed interior designer Kathryn Ireland hosts this unique experience in the home featured in her book, Summers in France. In addition to daily yoga, you’ll be treated to cooking demonstrations, on-site organic wine tasting, shopping excursions, and design talks.

13-19 June, 2013: Yoga and Well-being in Livers-Cazelles (Tarn)

Deepen your yoga practice with Tatiana Abbey-Chartier and treat yourself to a week of well-being in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

17-21 June, 2013: Raw Food + Detox Yoga Retreat in Bidart (Pyrénées Atlantiques)

Give your body a chance to reboot! Enjoy five days of yoga, meditation and raw food workshops led by Emilie McBride, all in the beautiful Basque countryside.

22-29 June, 2013: Intensive Jivamukti Yoga Retreat in Petit-Bersac (Dordogne) 

Join Nora Heilmann for a weeklong intensive Jivamukti retreat that also includes meditation, breathing, energy work, deep listening, chanting, and philosophy. BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat.)

24-29 June, 2013: Yoga + Walking Holiday in Sainte Foy (Savoie)

Led by Charlotte Saint Jean, the creator of YogaChezMoi, this retreat features fabulous yoga practices with the mountains of Savoie as a backdrop.


Namaste World 2013: Yoga in Paris for a Great Cause

Photo: © Room to Read

Last year, we told you about Namaste India!, Room to Read’s global yoga benefit to raise funds for girls’ education in India. Over 100 studios, teachers and yogis on six continents generated enough funds to send 160 girls to school. This year the campaign is more ambitious; now called Namaste World!, its reach will extend beyond India to girls in all of the countries where Room to Read works, with the goal of providing 200 bright minds with a chance to learn and flourish.

In Paris, Namaste World! will take place from June 1st through June 8th, providing yogis with many opportunities to support this remarkable cause. Take a look at the list below, and sign up to participate! If you know of a studio that would be the perfect venue for a class, or if you’re a studio owner or teacher who would like to lend your space and talent, please get in touch with Room to Read’s Paris Chapter at

If you practice yoga, you already know of its tranformative power. Why not harness it to help others?  

Participating studios and teachers:

• Gymnase Marcel Villeneuve (78): Friday 31 May 9h15-11h30 Ashtanga with Jane Verwijs

• Qee Paris (9e): Sunday 2 June 11h-12h Hatha with Taia

• Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche (5e): Sunday 2 June, Sofia’s class, call 01 43 54 14 59

Yoga Yoga Paris (7e): Sunday 2 June 18h-19h30. Sign up here!

• Suzanne Ricketts, 7 place du Commerce (15e): Monday 3 June 9h-10h30 and 11h-12h30
Class will be led in English. Email to reserve and for door code

 • Qee Boulogne (92): Tuesday 4 June 19h-20h, Sandrine’s class, call 01 84 19 49 49

• Ann Moradian, 3 avenue de l’Abbé Roussel (16e): Thursday 6 June 9h30-11h
Email for door code

• Centre Relax (15e): Saturday 8 June 14h-15h15 Power Yoga with Laure Coquel
Email for more info 

• Ashtanga Yoga Paris (11e): Wednesday 12 June 19h30 Vinyasa with Linda
Call 01 45 80 19 96 or email for more info 

• Kundalini Yoga 33 rue Marbeuf (8e): Wednesday 12 June. Contact for details 

Trini Yoga (10e): Thursday 13 June 20h-21h45
Contact Olivier at 06 03 53 08 42 or Laurent 06 75 54 48 25  for details 

“Our yoga is an offering. Our practice is a prayer for and an offering to a world in which ignorance, fear and hatred vanish, beginning with the world within our own hearts -- the one that is difficult enough to change. Yoga becomes a prayer and a blessing to the world when we fully appreciate that the peace we intend and manifest within ourselves -- within our heart, body, mind and soul -- does indeed manifest, through the power of the practice, in the world.”
—Doug Keller, Heart of the Yogi 

Photo: © Room to Read


Do Yoga in Paris… Now!

Photo: Sweethome Yoga

27-31 May Shadow Yoga 
31 May Yoga for Runners (ongoing) 
31 May Postnatal Yoga Series with Sharon Bales (session 3 of 5) 
31 May-1 June Bhakti Flow—Master Classes with Rusty Wells 
1 June Yoga Contact 
1 June Yoga with Diego del Sol (for Advanced Students + Teachers) 
1-2 June Yin Yoga + Body-Mind Centering  
2 June Super Beginners with Laurence Gay 
2 June Vinyasa Yoga 
2 June Hip Opening with Sonia 
2 June Yoga of Kashmir  
2 June Dynamic + Mystic Rose Meditation 
2 June Iyengar Yoga: Opening the Pelvis Through Using the Straps 
2 June Intro to Kundalini Yoga + Gong  
2 June Iyengar Yoga with Agathe 
2 June Giving Birth Together 
2 June Hatha Yoga  
2 June Spring Cleaning! 
2 June The Balance of the Cube (Vinyasa Krama) with Mika de Brito (1 in a series of 4 workshops)

30-31 May Intro to Ashtanga with Ashtanga Yoga Paris’s Teacher Trainees (FREE!)
31 May-2 June Yoga sur l’Atlantique (La Rochelle) 
1 June Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE!)
1 June Guerilla Yogi (Donation) 
1 June Yoga Kids at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!)
2 June Vinyasa Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 

3-5 June Self-Evolution Intensive for Teachers + Experienced Practitioners 

31 May-June 2 Weekend PUR DÉTOX in the Landes  
31 May-June 2 Vinyasa Yoga in Ardèche
2-8 June LuxYoga Vinyasa in Côte d’Azur 
2-8 June Sea + Yoga in Alpes Maritimes  
8-15 June Surf + Yoga in Landes  
8-15 June Yoga Bliss in Poitou-Charentes 


Joyeuse Fête des Mères !

Pour toutes les mamans (qu’elles fassent du yoga ou non) : Joyeuse Fête des Mères !

For all the moms (whether or not they do yoga): Happy Mother’s Day!