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Friday 5/Vendredi V: Be Your Own Valentine

Next Friday is Valentine’s Day and I’m taking this opportunity to make a public service announcement: I think it’s time we stopped thinking about Valentine’s Day in terms of chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners. Let’s flip this “holiday” dedicated to romantic love, and instead devote it to loving ourselves! Sweep yourself off your feet, and celebrate your talents and big heart by indulging in yoga that makes you feel happy, strong and confident. Never forget: You’ve got soul, and you’re superbad!

Many famous people agree with this whole self-love thing:
• Soren Kierkegaard:  “Don’t forget to love yourself.”
• Ho Chi Minh: “Love other human beings as you would love yourself.”
• Michel de Montaigne: “Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.”
• Walt Whitman: “I celebrate myself, and sing myself.”

This Friday 5/Vendredi V emphasizes practice, because practice makes permanent! All classes and workshops take place between Friday 14 February and Sunday 16 February, 2014.

1/ PRACTICE Yoga at the Musée Guimet
On a weekend dedicated to love, offer yourself the gift of yoga in a gorgeous setting! Fuse your body, heart and mind with beauty and inspiration.

2/ PRACTICE Jivamukti Yoga with Dechen Thurman
What a great way to reconnect with yourself! Spend the weekend studying Jivamukti Yoga with the delightful Dechen Thurman who will inspire you with stories, humor, chanting, and a transformative practice.

3/ PRACTICE Yoga Integral + Méditation with Sandra
This two-and-a-half hour workshop will awaken you to the vast potential that resides within. Sandra’s background in Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow will ensure you hit all the hallmarks of a full-spectrum practice.

4/ PRACTICE Winter Yoga + Writing Retreat in Normandie with Emilie
Go on a romantic weekend… for one. Head on retreat to Normandie and explore your literary and yogic creativity. This getaway promises ample time for contemplation, meditation and relaxation, as well as access to a spa for maximum you-time. 

5/ PRACTICE Bain de Gong avec Caroline Benezet
The full moon on Valentine’s Day might have you feeling off-balance, but you can find more harmony by gently embracing its energy. Caroline’s gong bath will subtly relax your system as the sound waves wash over you, and dissolve any tension or anxiety. Love!


Funkify Your Yoga

Photo: Colette Gym

Whenever I feel my commitment to my yoga practice wavering, I know the best prescription is: MIX THINGS UP! The way that I do that is through experimentation. Depending on how I feel and -- let’s be honest, how much money I have -- I swap my usual habits for different classes, new studios, fresh playlists, or quieter home practices like pranayama, meditation, restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra (new favorite.)

If you’re looking for more guidance in getting out of a rut and funkifying your practice, there are a growing number of classes in Paris that roll yoga’s strength-building and stretching into entirely new, and fun, fitness concepts*. My two recent favorites are listed below.

Let’s Shape de Colette Gym avec Julie Ferrez
This is a FREE class at Elephant Paname offered by Colette. It is taught by charismatic health and fitness coach Julie Ferrez whose choreography will have you enjoying yourself the minute the first song hits the speakers. This hour-and-a-half long session features dance, yoga, core exercises, floor barre work and in an unusual twist, jump-rope (which in case you haven’t done it in a while, is a real ass-kicker.) You’ll interval train, sweat to high-octane dance music before eventually slowing down and finishing with some yoga and a well-deserved savasana. I had a blast and my only regret is that Julie and Colette do not offer this class more often. I would go every week!

Next session: Tuesday 11 February (email to request invitation to session and to join Colette Gym newsletter)

Photo: PyrfitPyrfit with Maïk at Rituel Studio and other locations 
Maïk is a personal trainer whose background includes competitive basketball, fitness, yoga and pilates. Pyrfit -- P for Pilates, Y for Yoga, R for Running, Fit for Fitness -- is the system he developed which leverages his extensive knowledge in each of these different modalities. What Maïk has perfected is not a mix of practices, but rather a thoughtful ordering of them that emphasizes five key points: concentration, breathwork, strengthening, activating and relaxing. What this means is that you’ll perform movements in timed sets of repetitions to a motivating soundtrack while Maïk delivers clear breath and alignment instruction. This is a class that goes deep without a lot of fanfare -- you will be sore and feel superhero strong the next day! 

*Yeah, that’s right. I just used the words “fitness” and “concept” near the word “yoga.” I am crazy like that! Sometimes it’s good to trade a bit of orthodoxy for new experiences. Best case scenario: you discover something that you love and that inspires you. Worst case scenario: you hate it and you never have to do it again. Qui ne risque rien, n’a rien !


Take your yoga to new heights this week!


7 Feb Iyengar Yoga—Reprise des Bases avec Julien Cailleux (Débutant)
7-9 Feb AnatomYoga®—Anatomie pour le Pranayama 
7-9 Feb Yoga Therapy + Kinetic Awareness with Ellen Saltonstall 
8 Feb Yin Yang Yoga avec Diane 
8 Feb Donation Saturdays (formerly Guerilla Yogi) with Sharon (Donation)
8 Feb Féminité + Réceptivité avec Amina 
8-9 Feb S’initier au Reiki et à la Bioénergie avec Cédric Porcaro 
8-9 Feb Weekend Yoga avec Christian 
9 Feb Prana Flow—Core Strength with Laurence Gay 
9 Feb Ashtanga avec Suzy (Débutant/Débutant Avancé)
9 Feb Les Flexions Avant avec Fanny 
9 Feb Bikram Master Class  
9 Feb Yoga Intégral avec Nadège 
9 Feb Journée de Pratique Yoga Iyengar avec Anne Marie 
9 Feb Ouvrir le Chakra du Coeur avec Emeline 
9 Feb Circus Party—Tissu, Cercle, Drapé Aérien avec Zoé 
9 Feb Yoga Iyengar avec Julien Cailleux (Niveau 2+) 
9 Feb Samyama—The Path Toward Stillness with Silke Schroeder 
9 Feb Ashtanga Primary + Second Series—The Art + Method of Foot Behind the Head with Laurence 
9 Feb Introduction à la Méditation avec Suzy  
9 Feb Iyengar with Annie (2 of 2 sessions focused on the perineum) 
9 Feb Comprendre avec Intelligence + Profondeur la Pratique d’Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga avec Malena Beer 
9 Feb Hatha Yoga avec Sri Venudas 
9 Feb Comment se Libérer des Tensions Musculaire+ Retrouver son Axe Grâce au Yoga avec Céline

10 Jan-10 Feb “Cours Découverte”/Discovery” class at Espace Yoga Bastille (10€)
4 Feb Strength 4 Yoga with Jo Ishiguro (FREE! GRATUIT !)
5 Feb Yoga for the People at Jamini Design (12€) 
7 Feb Techniques de Massage at Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
8 Feb Gym Zen at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
9 Feb Community Class at Centre de Yoga du Marais (10€) 
9 Feb Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
15 Feb-6 Apr Yoga au Musée Guimet (12€, réservations obligatoires) 

7-9 Feb, 2014 European Yogi Nomads: Annecy  
12-16 Feb, 2014 Caravan of Consciousness in Alsace  
14-16 Feb, 2014 Winter Yoga + Writing in Normandie 
20-23 Feb, 2014 Yoga, Spa, Ski + Deluxe Relaxation in Alsace  
25-27 Feb, 2014 Weekend in Normandie  
28 Feb-2 Mar Yoga Festival Val d’Isère


J’ॐ Paris: Yogateau Shop Now Open on Society6!

The Yogateau shop at Society6 launches today!

Remember when I said that my resolution for 2014 was to uncover and cultivate the area of convergence between all of my passions? Well today marks one of the first manifestations of this dream: a line of products that combine my love for design, typography, color and pattern with yoga and Paris!

Society6 is a cool site that allows artists, designers and photographers to support themselves by selling their work on various supports: a work of art can be stretched on canvas, framed as a print, screened on a t-shirt, mug, tote bag, pillow, iPad skin, clock… 

Please help me in celebrating this new venture by sharing with friends and fellow yogis. Like yoga itself, this is a practice which means that is in constant development and refinement. I welcome your feedback and ideas, and look forward to brainstorming on future projects.


Yoga + Paris = ♥

29 Jan Les Chakras avec Amina 
29 Jan Renforcer son Immunité avec le Yoga avec Edith 
31 Jan “Yoga Sutra”: Atelier de Yoga Iyengar 
1 Feb Vinyasa Yoga avec Laurence 
1 Feb Donation Saturdays (formerly Guerilla Yogi) with Marc (Donation) 
1 Feb Yoga Nidra avec Bénédicte 
1 Feb Une Pratique de Yoga Globale avec Delphine 
1 Feb Le Yoga du Son avec Philippe 
2 Feb Vinyasa Yoga avec Misuzu 
2 Feb Creating a Personal Vinyasa Flow Practice (Relax) with Isabelle 
2 Feb Gestion du Stress avec Elayne 
2 Feb Parents/Enfants avec Mélanie (Acroyoga)  
2 Feb Consolider Ses Bases avec Laëtitia  
2 Feb Les 3 Gunas: Atelier de Yoga Dynamique + Récupération Profonde avec Alexandra 
2 Feb Initiation Kundalini Yoga et Gong avec Caroline 
2 Feb Hatha Yoga avec Céline  
2 Feb “Setsubun et Chandeleur: Entre Hiver et Printemps” avec Noriko 
2 Feb Hatha Yoga avec Misuzu 
2 Feb Initiation au Yoga avec Elayne 
2 Feb Urdhva Dhanurasana avec Myrto  

10 Jan-10 Feb “Cours Découverte”/Discovery” class at Espace Yoga Bastille (10€)
1 Feb Ashtanga Yoga Paris Fête Ses 10 Ans/AYP 10-Year Anniversary Party  
1 Feb Portes Ouvertes/Open House at Centre Sivananda Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
2 Feb Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
5 Feb Yoga for the People at Jamini Design (12€) 
15 Feb-6 Apr Yoga au Musée Guimet (12€) 

7-9 Feb, 2014 European Yogi Nomads: Annecy  
12-16 Feb, 2014 Caravan of Consciousness in Alsace  
14-16 Feb, 2014 Winter Yoga + Writing in Normandie 
20-23 Feb, 2014 Yoga, Spa, Ski + Deluxe Relaxation in Alsace  
25-27 Feb, 2014 Weekend in Normandie  
28 Feb-2 Mar Yoga Festival Val d’Isère