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J’ॐ Paris: Yogateau Shop Now Open on Society6!

The Yogateau shop at Society6 launches today!

Remember when I said that my resolution for 2014 was to uncover and cultivate the area of convergence between all of my passions? Well today marks one of the first manifestations of this dream: a line of products that combine my love for design, typography, color and pattern with yoga and Paris!

Society6 is a cool site that allows artists, designers and photographers to support themselves by selling their work on various supports: a work of art can be stretched on canvas, framed as a print, screened on a t-shirt, mug, tote bag, pillow, iPad skin, clock… 

Please help me in celebrating this new venture by sharing with friends and fellow yogis. Like yoga itself, this is a practice which means that is in constant development and refinement. I welcome your feedback and ideas, and look forward to brainstorming on future projects.


Yoga + Paris = ♥

29 Jan Les Chakras avec Amina 
29 Jan Renforcer son Immunité avec le Yoga avec Edith 
31 Jan “Yoga Sutra”: Atelier de Yoga Iyengar 
1 Feb Vinyasa Yoga avec Laurence 
1 Feb Donation Saturdays (formerly Guerilla Yogi) with Marc (Donation) 
1 Feb Yoga Nidra avec Bénédicte 
1 Feb Une Pratique de Yoga Globale avec Delphine 
1 Feb Le Yoga du Son avec Philippe 
2 Feb Vinyasa Yoga avec Misuzu 
2 Feb Creating a Personal Vinyasa Flow Practice (Relax) with Isabelle 
2 Feb Gestion du Stress avec Elayne 
2 Feb Parents/Enfants avec Mélanie (Acroyoga)  
2 Feb Consolider Ses Bases avec Laëtitia  
2 Feb Les 3 Gunas: Atelier de Yoga Dynamique + Récupération Profonde avec Alexandra 
2 Feb Initiation Kundalini Yoga et Gong avec Caroline 
2 Feb Hatha Yoga avec Céline  
2 Feb “Setsubun et Chandeleur: Entre Hiver et Printemps” avec Noriko 
2 Feb Hatha Yoga avec Misuzu 
2 Feb Initiation au Yoga avec Elayne 
2 Feb Urdhva Dhanurasana avec Myrto  

10 Jan-10 Feb “Cours Découverte”/Discovery” class at Espace Yoga Bastille (10€)
1 Feb Ashtanga Yoga Paris Fête Ses 10 Ans/AYP 10-Year Anniversary Party  
1 Feb Portes Ouvertes/Open House at Centre Sivananda Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
2 Feb Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
5 Feb Yoga for the People at Jamini Design (12€) 
15 Feb-6 Apr Yoga au Musée Guimet (12€) 

7-9 Feb, 2014 European Yogi Nomads: Annecy  
12-16 Feb, 2014 Caravan of Consciousness in Alsace  
14-16 Feb, 2014 Winter Yoga + Writing in Normandie 
20-23 Feb, 2014 Yoga, Spa, Ski + Deluxe Relaxation in Alsace  
25-27 Feb, 2014 Weekend in Normandie  
28 Feb-2 Mar Yoga Festival Val d’Isère 


Cultivate Good Karma This Week in Paris ;-)


21 Jan Bikram Seminar with Tereza Bonnet Senkova  
22 Jan Yoga + Nutrition with Tania 
25 Jan Yin Yang Twists with Delphine 
25 Jan Dynamic Yoga with Naomi 
25 Jan Donation Saturdays (formerly Guerilla Yogi) with Anne (Donation) 
25 Jan Hormone Yoga Therapy with Florence 
25 Jan AcroYoga with Yohann Guichard + Géraldine Roucaute 
25 Jan Vinyasa of Fire with Stéphanie Tourret 
25-26 Jan From the Sound of the Breath to the Silence of the Body with Arnaud Kancel 
25-26 Jan Dynamic Yoga with Jo Kemp 
25-26 Jan Yoga for Beginners with Gérald Disse 
25-26 Jan Iyengar Yoga Intensive (Levels 1-3) with Faeq Biria 
26 Jan Stretching Back—Opening Vital Energy Centers with Jean-Louis 
26 Jan Yoga + Thai Massage with Carole Simonelli 
26 Jan Ashtanga Primary Series—Flight of the Crow with Laurence Gay 
26 Jan Hatha Yoga with Carlos Sanchez 
26 Jan Creating a Personal Vinyasa Flow Practice (Strong) with Isabelle 
26 Jan Ashtanga in its Many Dimensions with Maxime Gamart 
26 Jan Shadow Yoga with Akiko 
26 Jan Deeply Relaxing + Restorative Practice with Live Music 
26 Jan Iyengar Yoga with Meïr 
26 Jan A Range of Different Aspects of Ashtanga, Hatha + Natya Yoga 
26 Jan Méditation Pleine Conscience Guidée with Michelle 
26 Jan Dance of the Dragon + Yin Yoga with Cécile Roubaud 
26 Jan Hatha Yoga with Sri Venudas 
26 Jan Deepening Your Practice—Consolidating the Basics (Intermediate)
26 Jan Ashtanga Vinyasa with Didier 
26 Jan Kundalini Yoga with Francine/Kushwant 
26 Jan Regenerating Flow with Laurence Gay  
26 Jan All Day Iyengar Workshop with André Rivoire  

10 Jan-10 Feb “Cours Découverte”/Discovery” class at Espace Yoga Bastille (10€)
22 Jan Ashtanga Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
24 Jan Yin Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
25-26 Jan Festival de la Méditation  
26 Jan Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 

21 Jan-18 Feb Going Deeper with Amanda Dates 
24 Feb-14 Dec 200-Hour Teacher Training with Renan de Germain 
25-26 Jan Living our Yoga: Yoga + the Search for Happiness with Carlos Pomeda 
25 Feb-14 Dec 200-Hour Teacher Training with Céline Miconnet 

7-9 Feb, 2014 European Yogi Nomads: Annecy  
12-16 Feb, 2014 Caravan of Consciousness in Alsace  
14-16 Feb, 2014 Winter Yoga + Writing in Normandie 
20-23 Feb, 2014 Yoga, Spa, Ski + Deluxe Relaxation in Alsace  


Yoga All Around

In an example of my last post, here is Uniqlo in Paris, making more meaning for itself: using mannequins posed in Natarajasana to illustrate the formidable stretchiness of their new line of denim. Yes, it is just another business using the language of yoga to convince you to buy something, but it’s still fun to be able to see yoga in places other than a studio.

Yoga is sneaky, though, and perhaps all of this co-opting to make money is having a positive effect. Uniqlo as well as other fast-fashion retailers have recently taken more interest in improving worker wages, workplace conditions and safety…


Make More Meaning for Yourself… That’s Yoga.

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to uncover and cultivate more of the fertile ground that connects my yoga practice to the rest of my passions*. The border between what you do on the mat and what you do in your life is porous -- things naturally filter from asana or meditation to the way you approach the dishes, or even a relationship. Everything is always in movement, in cross-pollination, and that’s creative and enriching territory if you’re willing to pay attention and dig a little deeper.

As Douglas Brooks says, “Yoga invites us to experience the possibility that making more meaning is better than resolving to comfortable platitudes or moral imperatives.”

What does yoga mean to you? There are as many definitions of yoga as there are schools of thought about what constitutes a “true” yoga practice. My feeling is that it is really up to each yogi to discover that for him- or herself. Does it mean doing Bikram exclusively? Maybe. Does it mean tossing a soupçon of Yin Yoga into your Primary Series? Maybe. The bottom line is that IF whatever you’re doing on the mat brings you more insight, more well-being, more healing, more happiness, more self-confidence, more compassion, more understanding, more meaning… then keep doing it! That’s your “true” practice.

* Mixing it up with yoga: one of my passions is typography, and the artwork above is a sneak peek into Yogateau’s upcoming line of products! Lancement prochainement…