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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Still Life: Ashtanga Yoga Paris

One of the first things you see upon entering Ashtanga Yoga Paris’ new space on avenue de la République is this dancing figure of Ganesh. As always, Ganesh stands at the threshold, an elephant-headed, human-bodied harbinger of transition -- between the busy street outside and the calm of the shala, between the known and the unknown, the You before and after your practice.

Ganesh represents a doorway to more, and that’s what yoga is all about. “Receive the gift of yourself, and love your life.”

(Remember Carolina/The Global Yogini from our April Teacher Spotlight? That’s her in the background of the above image! She taught the delightful Community class I took the other day.)


This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris


Cool Haunting: Musée Carnavalet

A secret garden in the heart of the Marais. Even under a light rain (as it was the other day when I ducked inside) it offers a quiet respite from the frenzy of tourists and shoppers outside. I like to sit on the benches in open-eyed meditation, letting the architecture and garden’s symmetry decelerate my nervous system and breath. As the sound of cars and scooters fades, I close my eyes and focus my awareness on the crunching of pea gravel underfoot, the rustling of leaves, whispered snippets of conversation…

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Free Yoga in Paris

Over the weekend, I had a chance to check out a couple of Paris’ free yoga events: a Portes Ouvertes, and one of Lolë’s classes at Wanderlust Paris (held at Les Docks, Cité de la Mode et du Design.) Thanks to the sustaining energy of La Rentrée, there are still a few opportunities left to explore new teachers, studios and styles of yoga, take advantage of “Back to School” class pass prices, as well as unroll your yoga mat in surprising environments. This coming weekend is a perfect example: there are not only three free classes sponsored by Lolë, but three separate open houses at Studio Keller (11e), Sivananda (10e), and Red Earth Centre (10e).

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This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris

26-27 Sept Jivamukti Master Class with Cat Alip-Douglas   
28 Sept Yoga for Runners 
28-30 Sept Petri Räisänen  
28-30 Sept Master Classes with Elena Brower  
29 Sept Ashtanga Second Series (ongoing)  
29 Sept Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers  
29 Sept Deepen Your Yoga Practice (Level 1)  

28 Sept Hatha Flow with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 
29 Sept Conscious and Connected Breath with Lolë Paris (FREE!)  
30 Sept Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 

29 Sept Portes Ouvertes (FREE!) 
29 Sept Portes Ouvertes (FREE!)  
30 Sept Portes Ouvertes (FREE!)