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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Do Yoga in Paris… Now!

19 June Summer Solstice Flow with Amanda Dates 
21 June Yoga for Runners (ongoing) 
21-23 June Light on Ganesh with Todd Norian 
22 June Developing a Personal Practice with Delphine 
23 June All-Day Iyengar Intensive with Julien Cailleux 
23 June The Balance of the Cube (Nada) with Mika de Brito (4 in a series of 4 workshops) 
23 June Yin Yoga + Letting Go with Sandra  

22 June Guerilla Yogi (Donation) 
23 June Hatha Flow at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 

22 June Portes Ouvertes at Centre Sivananda (FREE) 

For a round-up of all of the June 2013 retreats, click here! 
22-29 June Intensive Jivamukti Yoga in Dordogne  
24-29 June Yoga + Walking Holiday in Savoie  
1-5 July Raw Food + Yoga Detox in Pyrénées-Atlantiques
1-6 July Silent Yoga + Meditation in Dordogne  
6-10 July Be Your Own Raw Food Chef + Practice Yoga in Biarritz   


Outdoor Yoga in Paris / Yoga en Plein Air


With the weather getting more and more beautiful each day, it is time for yoga en plein air! Last year, things kicked off in May; this year, it’s taken a bit longer for the temperatures to warm up but the calendar is beginning to fill with opportunities to practice under the sun, on the grass, or overlooking the Seine.

Where to do yoga outdoors in Paris / Où faire du yoga en plein air à Paris

On Saturdays, do yoga on a péniche! Thanks to ingenious yoga teacher Cassandra Kish of Vidyaa Yoga Paris, salute the sun and practice “Tour Eiffel” drishti while gazing across the river. The boat, Le Paris, is berthed in front of 26 avenue de New York, between pont de l’Alma and pont d’Iéna. Class goes from 11h to 12h30, but check the Facebook page for any schedule changes. 25€. BYOMAP (Bring Your Own Mat And Props :-)

Photo: Vidyaa Yoga Paris

• This Saturday (15 June), literally “meet up” with the Yogis & Yoginis of Paris Meetup group! Join fellow yogis for a morning practice that will combine yoga flow and deep breathing with some pilates for core work. Address and additional details are released the night before, so become a member of the group to RSVP and participate. Free. BYOMAP.

• Weekends are fantastic at Les Docks / Cité de la Mode et du DesignWanderlust Paris and Lolë Paris have collaborated for the last couple of years to offer free classes. They serve up a mix of traditions from Vinyasa to Hatha Flow to Yoga Fusion, and it’s great way to get a taste of all of Paris’s different teachers and styles. Check the Events listings on Wanderlust Paris’s Facebook page and Lolë’s Facebook page for details. Free. BYOMAP.

Photo: Lolë Paris

• On Sundays, head over to Yoga & Co’s “Yoga au parc le dimanche matin”! Weather permitting, join other yogis at the entrance of Parc Eole located at 20 rue du Département (a six minute walk from the studio.) Rendez-vous at 10h10 or 10h20 for a fun outdoor practice. BYOMAP.

• From 1-12 July, you can do yoga on the terrasse of the Maison Blanche. No, that White House, the other one on avenue Montaigne! From 18h to 19h, these “Yoga à ciel ouvert” classes are open to all levels and limited to 10 participants. No need to bring anything -- mats, water and towels will be provided so that all you have to focus on is your breathing… It’s 25€ which may seem like a lot at first, but the view is nothing short of spectacular. Call 01 47 23 55 99 to make a reservation beginning 24 June. 

Photo: Sortir à Paris


Chanson de la Seine

Chanson de la Seine

La Seine a de la chance
Elle n'a pas de souci
Elle se la coule douce
Le jour comme la nuit
Et elle sort de sa source
Tout doucement, sans bruit…
Sans sortir de son lit
Et sans se faire de mousse,
Elle s'en va vers la mer
En passant par Paris.

La Seine a de la chance
Elle n'a pas de souci
Et quand elle se promène
Tout le long des quais
Avec sa belle robe verte
Et ses lumières dorées
Notre-Dame jalouse, immobile et sévère
Du haut de toutes ses pierres
La regarde de travers

Mais la Seine s'en balance
Elle n'a pas de souci
Elle se la coule douce
Le jour comme la nuit
Et s'en va vers le Havre
Et s'en va vers la mer
En passant comme un rêve
Au milieu des mystères
Des misères de Paris.

—Jacques Prévert

time lapse the Seine Paris time lapse from olivierlalin on Vimeo.


Do Yoga in Paris This Week!

12 June Yoga with Marie Christine 
12 June The Art of the Twist with Edith 
14 June Ashtanga Second Series (ongoing)
14 June Yoga for Runners (ongoing) 
14 June Postnatal Yoga Series with Sharon Bales (session 5 of 5) 
14 June Iyengar Yoga: Pranayama + Asana with Sabine 
14-16 June Yoga with Annie Carpenter 
15 June Hormone Yoga Therapy with Florence 
16 June Ashtanga Yoga with Laurence Gay (Intermediate level)
16 June Interwoven Yoga with Luana Ramdhan Kaur 
16 June Summer Alchemy with Amanda Dates  
16 June Ajna Chakra with Laure Bruchet 
16 June Introduction to Meditation 
16 June The Balance of the Cube (Ullola) with Mika de Brito (3 in a series of 4 workshops) 
16 June Integral Yoga with Alexandra 
16 June Tailor-Made Yoga Workshop with Marie  

3-13 June Room to Read’s Namaste World (Donation, various locations throughout Paris)
14 June Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE!)
15 June Guerilla Yogi (Donation) 
16 June Vinyasa at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE!) 

For a round-up of all of the June 2013 retreats, click here! 
13-19 June Yoga + Well-Being in Tarn  
17-21 June Raw Food + Yoga Detox in Pyrénées-Atlantiques 
22-29 June Intensive Jivamukti Yoga in Dordogne  
24-29 June Yoga + Walking Holiday in Savoie  
1-6 July Silent Yoga + Meditation in Dordogne  


Thursday, Celebrate Le Yoga Shop Paris’s First Printed Journal

Photo: Le Yoga Shop Paris

This Thursday 6 June from 18h to 20h, head over to bookshop and gallery 0fr to celebrate the first print edition of Le Yoga Shop Paris Journal! This project is an extension of Le Yoga Shop Paris’ online presence, and reflects the inspiration and passion of its founders, the dynamic Naddermiers -- Kia, founder of Mysore Yoga Paris as well as fashion photographer, and Magnus, art director. The Journal weaves yoga through its interviews and stories about designers, artists and other talented souls who have something to share.

Drinks, friends, special discounts (hint, hint!)… A lovely way to spend an
evening in the company of fun, creative Parisian yogis ♥