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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Doing it for the Kids

Seva is an attitude as much as it is an action. Seva, defined as selfless service, is when you approach the world around you from the perspective of “what can I do to uplift these people, this place.” Then, going to the grocery store is not about restocking your pantry but an opportunity to connect to people in your community (…)” —3HO Foundation

Photo: © Room to Read

I love the idea that the potential for seva, or selfless service, exists in every daily action and interaction. You are practicing seva each time you wish a stranger “À vos souhaits!” after a sneeze, or (dare to) smile at a dour caissière at Franprix. That feeling of well-being that floods your awareness after a yoga class ripples beyond you in concentric circles, reflecting your quotidian exchanges and washing them onto distant shores. The very act of living with mindfulness suffuses your surroundings with peace and that, too, is an act of seva. Part of what makes yoga so life-changing is that it doesn’t just change you—it turns you into an agent of change.

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This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris

15 June Full Yoga Experience  
15 June Ashtanga Second Series (ongoing) 
15 June Pranayama + Relaxation 
16 June Yoga Nidra
16-17 June AcroYoga 
16-17 June Bhakti Flow—Love, American Style with Rusty Wells  
17 June Intensive—Summer Solstice, Stimulate Our Vitality  
17 June The Notion of Balance in Yoga 
17 June En Route for the Second Series  

16 June Guerilla Yogi 
16 June Namaste India! (20€ suggested donation)
17 June Benefit Yoga class for Max (25€ suggested donation) 
17 June Free yoga outdoors (check listings) 

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Cool Haunting: Musée de la Vie Romantique

Yesterday, My Little Paris’ newsletter featured a map illustrating their picks for the best terraces in Paris. Because “best” really depends on your audience and its particular tastes, the map presents an evenly distributed selection of options—from a terrace with a great view, to one that’s always sunny, to a terrace whose friendly vibe will have you chatting with a neighbor. These are terrific addresses to keep in mind when the weather turns summery, and you need a change from your local café scene.

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Teacher Trainings in Paris

I come from a studies-obsessed family. This may be unavoidable when both of your parents are educators, but I think that even if my mother and father had chosen different professions, each member of my family would still have the same enthusiasm for reading, for homework, for incessantly learning new things. You’d think that once retired, two language teachers would want to avoid anything that smacks of school, but not my parents. Once they closed the door on teaching, they jumped feet first into graduate school (again, this time in Italian), and opened the window on Tango lessons. Anything they undertake, they undertake with curiosity, passion and commitment – and what is that but Abhyasa, a dedicated and persistent practice over time? They are yogis without even realizing it!

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This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris

9 June Basics of Dynamic Vinyasa   
9-10 June Surya Master Class
10 June Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga  
10 June Hatha Yoga
10 June Light on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga  

4 June Moon Day Pranayama 
9 June Guerilla Yogi

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