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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Préparez un 11 novembre yogique !

Photo: Stephanie Snyder

As Sandrine from CasaYoga says, “Take advantage of the long weekend of the 11th of November, often gray and a bit sad, to put more yoga, more well-being and heat into your life!”

Profitez du long weekend du 11 novembre, souvent gris et un peu triste, pour mettre plus de yoga, de bien-être et de chaleur dans votre vie!

We couldn’t agree more. The long Armistice weekend (9-11 November, Veterans Day in the United States) is the perfect moment to take your yoga deeper, study with a new teacher or experience a different style. With the time change, it certainly feels as though Paris has entered its dark period, however as yogis, we know how to cultivate the brightness inside. To quote one of my favorite teachers, Julie Dohrman, why not learn to see beauty in the darkness as “turning inwards to hear the silence of being is where the light of insight often appears.” 

Whether you’re new to yoga or a veteran (sorry, I had to!) there’s something for every level!

• 8-10 November, 2013: Stephanie Snyder Vinyasa Yoga (Big Apple Yoga France and Paris Yoga)
For the first time in Paris, Stephanie Snyder will be leading three different levels workshops at two different studios. Her classes combine vinyasa with alignment and philosophy, and have been described as “living laboratories for self-discovery, acceptance and truth.”

• 9 November, 2013: Guerilla Yogi avec Anne (American Church in Paris
This class happens every week, but why not take advantage of this session to infuse your practice with more reverence, and offer its gifts -- kindness, compassion, understanding -- to those around you? 

• 9-11 November, 2013: Novembre Version Yoga avec Delphine (CasaYoga)
A three-day program of dynamic asana, balancing pranayama, meditation and long relaxation.

Photo: Centre Anjaliom

• 9-11 November, 2013: Intensif d’Automne avec Julien (Centre Anjaliom)
Designed for Iyengar yoga students with more than 2-years of practice, this weekend incudes a postural practice and pranayama, as well as a light meal on Sunday afternoon.

• 9-11 November, 2013: Nadi Shodhana—Introduction to the Intermediate Series with Linda (Ashtanga Yoga Paris
Linda will guide you safely and intelligently through Nadi Shodhana, teaching you how it can enhance your understanding of Ashtanga’s Primary series. Modifications and variations will be offered to all those with an established Ashtanga practice. 


Cool Haunting: Passage Brady

If you do yoga for long enough, India begins to flood your senses. Little by little, like rising water, you find yourself doing things à l’indienne without even realizing it: placing your hands in anjali mudra to say thank you, creating altars out of beloved objects, kicking off your shoes the minute you get home.

Today I was in Paris’s Little India with a friend. We had lunch at my favorite South Indian vegetarian restaurant near the Gare du Nord, then we biked down to the Passage Brady for some good, old fashioned threading (OMG -- Oh My Ganesh -- it’s only 7€) and grocery shopping.

While the Passage has seen better days, I love its shambolic decrepitude and the men who invite you into their restaurants like gentle carnival barkers. While I wouldn't eat in any of those establishments (seriously, go to Saravanaa Bhavan instead), Velan is a fun stop for spices, lentils, tea, dried fruit, beauty products (I like the sandalwood soap from Mysore,) and other things. It’s not quite as big as VT Cash & Carry on rue Cail, but it’s smaller footprint is easier to navigate and if you’re just picking up a few things, it’s an easy dash-in, dash-out.


Yoga ! Paris ! Do it.

Please be sure to check studio schedules before heading out to do yoga this week as there may be closures on Friday due to La Toussaint!

1 Nov The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Elayne 
1 Nov All Levels Toussaint Workshop with Eric 
1-3 Nov Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners with Gérald Disse 
1-3 Nov Ashtanga Yoga with Graeme Northfield 
2 Nov Guerilla Yogi (Donation) 
2-3 Nov Hormone Yoga Therapy with Kathy Wolff 
3 Nov Kundalini Yoga with Francine/Kushwa 
3 Nov New Moon Deep Detox Master Class with Adriano 
4-5 Nov Master Classes with Ross Rayburn 

1 Nov Hatha Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
2 Nov Vinyasa at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
3 Nov Hatha Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 

28 Oct-1 Nov Raw Food + Yoga Detox in Pyrénées-Atlantiques  
15-17 Nov Intro to Yoga in Basse-Normandie 
29 Nov-1 Dec Yoga Weekend in Normandie  


Yoga Festival Paris 2013!

It is hard to believe that the Yoga Festival Paris happened a little over a week ago. Perhaps it feels like time has contracted because the Festival itself was able to pack so much YOGA into such a short amount of time. The classes, workshops, lectures and conferences represented more than 30 different styles of practice and brought together people from around the world: India, Brazil, Japan, Martinique, Tibet, Uruguay, United States…

In its second year, Santé Yoga boosted the Festival’s profile through partnerships with established sports, health and wellness brands (Dr HauschkaLolë, Lululemon, Nature & Découvertes, Reebok) as well as through partnerships with media (MCS Bien-être, Doctissimo, Santé Sport and Clés magazines.) The diversity of these brands reflects the 21st century yoga spectrum, and helped reach a broader audience of new and seasoned practitioners, whether they “live with fire” or live with something less smoldering :-)

By moving the smaller workshop spaces, known as “Yo” and “Ga” off the main exhibitor floors, the Festival organizers were able to increase the number of vendors. In addition to more natural products, clothing, yoga schools, books, films, retreats and wellness purveyors, there were two restaurants this time around: SOL Semilla, with its superfood-laced vegan cuisine, and Ahimsa Bio, an Indian cantine, both of which remained open around the clock. I was thrilled to have more options after my workshops, and especially delighted to sip Vita Coco and Yogi Tea.

I keep thinking about something that Micheline Flak said during her Yoga Nidra and Meditation workshop*: “On ne peut pas connaître le yoga par les mots. Il faut le sentir à l’intérieur” (“You cannot know yoga through words. You have to feel it inside of you”). Learning about yoga through feeling**, through physical experience, is precisely what the Yoga Festival Paris is all about -- it is about deepening your understanding of and appreciation for yoga through direct contact, through the body and the breath.

* OMG, Micheline Flak is wonderful! If you have the chance to study with her, you absolutely must. She is brilliant.
** It also reminded me of Nikki Costello’s exhortation to “Feel the practice!” 


Yoga in Paris This Week!

22 Oct Ashtanga for Beginners with Perle Pinato (6 of 6 sessions) 
22 Oct Pranayama with Gérald Disse (5 of 5 sessions) 
22 Oct Intro to Yoga Philosophy with Amanda Dates (1 of 3 sessions) 
23 Oct Basics of Breathwork with Oliver 
25 Oct Yin Yoga with Sebastian Pucelle 
25-27 Oct Thai Yoga Massage with Thierry Bienfaisant 
26 Oct Autumn Yin Yoga with Fabienne Menjucq 
26 Oct Iyengar Yoga with Sabine Naud 
26 Oct Guerilla Yogi (Donation)  
26-27 Oct Hatha Yoga + Pranayama with Peter Roussel 
27 Oct Autumn Purification + Vata Pacification with Amanda Dates 
27 Oct Kriya, Kundalini Yoga + Intuitive Self-Guidance with Solen Mukhande Kaur 
27 Oct Shadow Yoga (Intro/beginners) 
27 Oct Active Meditation + Holotropic Breathing with Sam 
27 Oct Hatha Yoga with Sri Venudas 
27 Oct Pranayama with Cécile Barra (2 sessions: Intermediate/Advanced and Intro/Beginner)
27 Oct Intro to Meditation 
27 Oct Kundalini Yoga + Gong with Caroline Benezet  
27 Oct Hip Opening with Sonia 
27 Oct Ashtanga Yoga with Suzy Mendes  
27 Oct Forward Bends—Relaxation + Back Stretches with Jean-Louis Lepreux  
27 Oct Pranayama with Maura  

25 Oct Yoga Vinyasa with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
25 Oct Yin Yoga + Meditation at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 
27 Oct Hatha Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !) 

26 Oct Centre Sivananda de Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)

27 Oct 2013-8 June 2014 Iyengar Teacher Training (Introductory level)

27 Oct-2 Nov Ashtanga Yoga DETOX Bliss in Loire 
28 Oct-1 Nov Raw Food + Yoga Detox in Pyrénées-Atlantiques  
15-17 Nov Intro to Yoga in Basse-Normandie 
29 Nov-1 Dec Yoga Weekend in Normandie