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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Fall into yoga in Paris!

As Mira Jamadi said in her Teacher Spotlight, “Paris is on the verge of becoming an important center of yoga, not only in Europe, but internationally. It’s an exciting time and place to be.” I couldn’t agree more! Since Yogateau launched, workshops and trainings have multiplied, every flip of the calendar page bringing talented teachers, resonant teachings and enthusiastic students to the capital. It is indeed an exciting time to be a yogi in Paris as there have never before been as many opportunities to learn, refine and develop your practice. And none of this growth would be possible without the many Paris-based teachers who, every day, invest their hearts and souls into building and nurturing this community of unique, engaged and bright yogis. Gratitude and pranams to them for being the devoted engines of this yogic (r)evolution.

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End of Summer (French) Soundtrack

This summer has been hot and sticky and busy, and powering me through each day has been a Frenchified playlist. Some of these songs are new, some old, but for whatever reason, they’ve been the backbeat of my drive and effort over the last few months. Some of these have even made in onto a few of my yoga playlists!

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This Week/Cette Semaine à Paris


Teacher Spotlight: Mira Jamadi

“Yoga language is much more than spoken words. Sure, there are details that you may not get here or there. But no matter what the language, whether it’s in English or not, you’ll get out of it exactly what you need at that moment.”

Photo: Olivier Marin

Along with Laurence Gay (featured in a previous Teacher Spotlight!), Mira Jamadi is pioneering Prana Flow in Paris. This liquid vinyasa style links the wave of the breath with the movement of the body in sequences that are nearly dance-like in their fluidity and grace. There’s a suppleness to the way Mira moves, and also to her approach to life -- like water finding its own level, her journey has taken her from Long Beach, California, to New York, to Los Angeles and finally to France. This September, she is leading two Prana Flow workshops at Atelier Marais, and teaching at the inaugural Yoga Festival Paris in October (dates of her workshops to come.) And in the months to come, you’ll also find Mira wending her way through Lyon, Nantes and Montpellier (Chakra Vinyasa Retreat with Shiva Rea!)

What’s your yoga story?
In some strange way, long before starting to practice yoga, I knew that it was something that I wanted to do. I’m originally from Long Beach, California and when I seriously started to practice yoga, there weren’t too many options at the time -- basically Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, or some blending of the three. For a few years, as I was in the process of discovering the practice of yoga, I was quite content and happy to be learning and experiencing something new. Over time, however, I felt that I had reached a plateau. I wanted to deepen and intensify my practice, but there weren’t opportunities to do so in my area.

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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” —Henry David Thoreau

Photo: Little Shao

Do you feel like this at the Louvre? So overwhelmed by the magnitude of art that you want to wilt like a flower? Or do you arch backward in ecstasy at the centuries of beauty on display? I vacillate between the two extremes, and have finally learned to take in one gallery or school of painting per visit. This can be quite challenging if you’re a first-time visitor who feels pressure to hit the highlights, however once you realize the Louvre isn’t going anywhere, it takes the stress out of the equation. Who wants to live a life with space for only one single Louvre visit, anyway? Pace yourself -- you have years ahead of you to return and continue imbibing and appreciating the collections.

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