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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


De la star attitude à la yoga attitude…

A couple of weeks ago, a team from M6’s program Le 1945 stopped by Paris Yoga to inquire about the Yoga Selfie phenomenon that has been blowing up on social media. While obviously a puff piece, it was good to have a news outlet talking about yoga, and asking questions about the controversy surrounding this new 21st century trend.

A lot of juicy material ended up on the cutting room floor: discussions of early yogis/contorsionists/acrobats performing on Indian streets, the other 7 limbs of yoga that don’t get any coverage on Instagram, the sexualization of yoga, the performative aspects of the practice… And of course, the irony of filming then broadcasting images of yogis doing poses to illustrate a piece on the backlash against filming and broadcasting yogis doing poses was not lost of me, or anyone else who practices yoga, or has half a brain.


Practice Yoga in Paris!

29 May-9 June Intensive Ashtanga Vinyasa with Chuck Miller 
12 Jun Go With The Flow Trance with Nadine Norman 
13 Jun Pratique de Détente + Récupération avec Julien Cailleux 
13 Jun Découverte Yoga avec Guillaume 
13 Jun Ashtanga Pratique Commune avec Renan de Germain 
13-15 Jun Liquid Asana—The Art of Vinyasa Flow with Micheline Berry 
14 Jun Restorative + Yin Yoga avec Diane 
14 Jun Les Postures Debout avec Benoît Le Gourriérec 
14 Jun Couleur + Travail du Souffle dans les Différentes Famille de Postures avec Sabine Naud 
14 Jun Donation Saturdays (formerly Guerilla Yogi) with Felicity (Donation) 
14 Jun Kunda Yoga + Bien-Être Emotionnel avec Minako 
14 Jun BMC (Body-Mind Centering) + Yoga avec Françoise Bachelard 
14-15 Jun Weekend Yoga + Méditation avec Christian 
15 Jun From the Earth to the Sky with Amanda Dates + Mathieu Boldron 
15 Jun Le Halo, 6ème Corps avec Caroline Bénézet 
15 Jun Journée de Pratique Yoga Iyengar avec Anne Marie Van Holder 
15 Jun Ashtanga Yoga avec Suzy (Débutant/débutant avancé) 
15 Jun Pratiquer le Yoga Chez Soi + En Vacances avec Nadège 
15 Jun Pranayama avec Cécile Barra (Niveau 2) 
15 Jun Pratique Restauratrice + Détente Profonde avec Malena Beer (avec Musique live)
15 Jun Yoga avec Fanny 
15 Jun L’Expansion Latérale du Corps + le Mouvement de la Conscience avec Géraldine 
15 Jun Série de la Lune de Matthew Sweeney avec Émilie Collet 
15 Jun Hatha Yoga avec Carlos Sanchez 
15 Jun Lire le Tarot + Écouter son Intuition avec Agnès 
15 Jun Introduction à la Méditation avec Suzy 
15 Jun Yoga + Méditation avec Alexis 
16-20 Jun Shadow Yoga avec Akiko (Débutant/débutant avancé) 

7-22 Jun Room to Read’s Namaste World: A Global Yoga Benefit (Donation, various locations) 
9 Jun Affordable Yoga Evening Class with Affordable Yoga in Paris (5€, RSVP via Meetup) 
13 Jun Hatha Yoga with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
14 Jun Portes Ouvertes/Open House at Sivananda Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
14 Jun Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
14 Jun Le Lunch Box Indian Vegetarian Pop-Up Cantine (Reservation obligatoire)
14 Jun Faites du Yoga pour les Enfants avec Tout Ça Pour Ça (Donation) 
18 Jun 5 Meetups Yoga avec Lolë Paris sur le toit du BHV Marais (GRATUIT, réservation obligatoire) 

14-15 Jun Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training 
21-25 Jun AcroYoga Immersion  
15 July-4 Aug Formation 100H avec Mika de Brito (Cévennes) 
17-19 July Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training  

11-15 June Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Pyrénées-Atlantiques  
13-15 June Yoga à Biarritz with Marc Holzman 
15-21 June Yoga + Hill Walking in Provence 
30 June-8 July Lymphatic Yoga in Pyrénées-Orientales  
12-19 July Free-Spirited Jivamukti in Dordogne  


French Yoga Wear Comes Into Fashion

Photo: Life Magazine

The photo above was taken in 1947 at Gymnase  Saulnier, a school for acrobats in Paris. I love the walls covered with pictures of what I imagine were successful former students, I love the girl poised on her hands in a sweater and high-waisted shorts, a scarf wrapped around her hair. Most of all, though, I love the teacher (is it monsieur Saulnier himself?) standing in a casual and, yet somehow, dashing spotter’s position, a beret on his head, a cigarette in his mouth, and OH MY GOD STOP THE PRESSES a “Gymnase Saulnier” tank top over his shirt.

That’s right. Even in 1947, the year Christian Dior founded his maison and launched his radical, history-making “New Look,” people in Paris were putting things on t-shirts. And thinking about fabric, what image they wanted to project, and how best to adapt their clothing to their activities.

I was thinking about this the other morning during a breakfast get-together organized by Pamela Levy of Yoga Concept, as I listened to different French yoga lifestyle and activewear designers explain the genesis of their brands and inspiration, and articulate the stories behind their development processes and choice of materials. I thought about how each of these new brands is, in a way, offering their own “New Look,” a fresh approach to addressing the unique needs of French yogis, a community that is enthusiastic about yoga, but less so about leaving the yoga studio in damp, unflattering spandex…

Photos: LATY

LATY (Love Awakening Thankfulness Yearning) specializes in accessories that complement your practice. From totes and mat bags with subtle details, to colorful printed scarves and luxurious blankets, the line is understated and chic. Pieces can be worn just as easily in the yoga studio as out and about in the city, and although I have plenty of scarves, I really want one of their Palais de Justice-inspired ones.

Photos: Clypéa

Clypéa Studio
Clypéa’s signature is its custom fabric which was has developed in partnership with a textile mill in France, a knit that is woven in the round so that it is seamless and super comfortable. To ensure their line remains true to their committment to quality, they are concentraing on pants which comes in a variety of lengths. The brand is also collaborating with non-profit organizations to bring yoga to underserved communities.

Photos: Yoga Searcher

Yoga Searcher
Yoga Searcher is both a retreat venue and a clothing manufacturer. Based in Hossegor on the Atlantic Coast, this brand’s philosophy is to cocoon you in that feeling you have while on retreat: perfectly chillaxed and in touch with Nature. The fabrics are vegetable dyed so the color palette is understated, and the pieces themselves are cut generously to be layered for maximum coziness.

Photos: Wellicious

While not based in France, Wellicious is just across the Channel: the collection is designed in London, and ethically manufactured in Europe from organic, sustainable materials. Each season, the collection experiments with the drape of their fabrics which results in tops and bottoms that fall prettily on the body. The colors are restrained and easy to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

Photos: YUJ

YUJ Yoga With Style
Created by Hélène Verrier Duval, a former Voguette, YUJ evolved from Hélène’s twin passions for Ashtanga yoga and fashion. As you would expect, her line is fiercely edited, and marries the discipline of vinyasa with the sharp-edged style of a Paris fashion editor -- if Emmanuelle Alt did yoga, she would wear YUJ. 

If you are interested in seeing any of these brands in person, a visit to Yoga Concept is a must!


Do Yoga in Paris This Week

29 May-9 June Intensive Ashtanga Vinyasa with Chuck Miller 
6 Jun Yoga Danse avec Isabelle Cabassol 
6 Jun The Enrichment Practice with Nikki Costello 
7 Jun Donation Saturdays (formerly Guerilla Yogi) with Marc Holzman (Donation)
7 Jun Developpez Votre Pratique Personnelle avec Delphine 
7 Jun Yoga + Chamanisme avec Emilio Escariz et Romulo Pelliza 
7 Jun Yoga + Énergétique “Les Chakras” avec Maud et Marie 
7 Jun Féminité + Fluidité avec Charlotte Saint Jean 
8 Jun Respiration Multidimensionnelle avec Sam 
8 Jun Kundalini, Le Halo avec Caroline Bénézet  
8 Jun Core Yoga with Christina Towle 
8 Jun Dharma Yoga Extended Class + Kirtan with Shir Shemesh 
8 Jun Postures Arrière, Flexibilité + Force de la Colonne avec Renan de Germain 
8 Jun La Pratique Méditative avec Sonia Boimard 
8 Jun Iyengar Yoga avec Meïr 
8 Jun Yin Yoga, Pranayamas + Yogs du Son avec Romulo Pelliza et Emilio Escariz 
8 Jun Asanas + Torsions avec Franco Senica 
9 Jun Vinyasa Yoga avec Misuzu Pavasovic  
9 Jun Hatha Yoga avec Misuzu Pavasovic 

2 Jun Morning Flow at Institut Finlandais with Waite Fitness (Donation, RSVP via Meetup) 
2 Jun Affordable Yoga Evening Class with Affordable Yoga in Paris (5€, RSVP via Meetup) 
4 Jun Back Care After Work Yoga with Yogis & Yoginis of Paris (RSVP via Meetup) 
6 Jun 3 Year Anniversary Celebration with Mysore Yoga Paris (Donation) 
7 Jun Cours d'essai/Trial class at Sivananda Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
7 Jun Hatha Yoga at Wanderlust with Lolë Paris (FREE! GRATUIT !)
8 Jun Community Class at Centre de Yoga du Marais (10€) 
8 Jun Weekend Class with Affordable Yoga in Paris (8€, RSVP via Meetup)
7-22 Jun Room to Read’s Namaste World: A Global Yoga Benefit (Donation)

14-15 Jun Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training 
21-25 Jun AcroYoga Immersion  
15 July-4 Aug Formation 100H avec Mika de Brito (Cévennes) 
17-19 July Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training  

8-14 June Yoga + Hill Walking in Provence  
11-15 June Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Pyrénées-Atlantiques  
13-15 June Yoga à Biarritz with Marc Holzman 
15-21 June Yoga + Hill Walking in Provence 
30 June-8 July Lymphatic Yoga in Pyrénées-Orientales  
12-19 July Free-Spirited Jivamukti in Dordogne  


Throwback Thursday: Madonna in an 80s version of Natarajasana

Photo: Ken Regan

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