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My Inspiration : Yogateau

Très fière de faire partie de la communauté de Yoga Chez Moi, et heurese de partager l’histoire de Yogateau avec vous. Petit entretien avec Charlotte Saint Jean… 

J’adore la toute dernière question :-)


Love Spring!

Our Love Spring newsletter went out today (en français et in English)! Check it out.


Yoga in the City: YUJ aux Galeries Lafayette

(English below)

Voici quelques photos du tout nouveau stand YUJ (une marque dont on vous a parlé ici) aux Galeries Lafayette. Le stand se trouve au deuxième étage juste devant l’escalator ; avec ses couleurs pop, impossible de ne pas s’arreter ! Les tapis de yoga multicolores, les t-shirts rose fluo, le branding qui ressemble à un coucher de soleil tropical… c’est une petite bulle de bien-être au sein d’un magasin achalandé.

Et cette petite bulle YUJ vous invite à pratiquer ensemble, en plein air, tous les jeudis de 19h à 20h. La semaine dernière, le cours a été donné par Cali, une yogini pour qui la pratique du yoga est un art de vie. On a commencé avec des salutations au soleil, puis des guerriers, une chandelle, quelques ponts, en terminant par du pranayama pendant que le soleil tombait sur l’Opéra. Les trois derniers cours seront donnés par Cali et Hélène, la créatrice de la marque et si vous ne le saviez pas, une Ashtangi confirmée et une vraie boule d’énergie.

Même si les cours sont complets, et que le site des galeries Lafayette vous dit que dorénavant, toute demande sera positionnée en liste d’attente, présentez-vous au stand un quart d’heure avant le début du cours et parlez avec une YUJ-ette. Elles vous feront de la place !

••• ••• •••

Here are a few photos of the all new YUJ shop at the galeries Lafayette. The shop is located on the second floor right in front of the escalator; with its pops of color, forget about trying to walk on by. The multicolored yoga mats, the fluorescent pink t-shirts, the branding that calls to mind a tropical sunset… it’s a haven for well-being in the middle of a busy store.

And this little YUJ haven invites you to practice together, outside, every thursday from 19h to 20h. Last week, class was taught by Cali, a yogini for whom the practice is a way of life. We began with sun salutations, then warriors, a shoulder stand, some bridges, ending with pranayama as the sun fell on Opéra. The last three classes will be taught by Cali and Hélène, the creator of YUJ and in case you didn’t know it, an experienced Ashtangi and a veritable ball of energy.

Even if the classes are full, and galeries Lafayette’s website says that from now on, every request will be placed on a waiting list, head to YUJ’s shop 15 minutes before the start of class and talk to a YUJ-ette. They’ll make space for you!


Parisian Yoga Happenings

Photo: Lolë Paris

To celebrate Summer, Lolë has joined forces with the BHV Marais to inaugurate their rooftop with yoga! Lolë’s website claims the five classes are already sold out, however I would still go because there will certainly be no-shows. Rendez-vous 15 minutes before each session at Lolë’s stand in the BHV (1st floor.)

WHEN Wednesday 18 June, 2014, 5 classes between 11h and 18h (see schedule here)
OTHER DATES Wednesdays 25 June, 2 July, 9 July, 16 July, 23 July, July 30 and more! 18h (details here)
WHERE 36 rue de la Verrerie (4e)

Photo: Alex Vanagas

This year, Maison Blanche invites Paris Yoga Shala onto their terrasse to offer twice daily classes. You can sample different styles of yoga and healing practices either in the mornings or in the afternoons. In either case, you are guaranteed an amazing view of the city…

30 June: 9h Yoga Core Work (Mathieu); 17h30 Vinyasa Level 2 (Amanda)
1 July: 9h Vinyasa Level 2 (Mathieu); Hatha Flow All Levels (Emma)
2 July: 9h Vinyasa Dynamique (Stéphane); 17h30 Yoga Detox Tout Niveau (Yoko)
3 July: 9h Vinyasa Dynamique (Fred); 17h30 Hatha Yoga Tout Niveau (Guillaume)
4 July: 9h Hatha Yoga Tout Niveau (Carlos); 17h30 Vinyasa (Tatiana) 

WHEN Monday 30 June through Friday 4 July, 2014, classes at 9h-10h15 and 17h30-18h45 (see details here)
WHERE 15 avenue Montaigne (8e)
PRICE 22€ per session

To reserve, email or call 01 40 70 14 44 

Photo: Morning Gloryville

Morning Gloryville Paris takes over the Carreau du Temple and invites you to a morning party! With massage sessions and yoga classes, DJs, a dancefloor, as well as smoothies, coffee and pastries, this event will power your day with a healthy dose of positive energy.

WHEN Wednesday 9 July, 2014, 6h30-10h30 (see details here)
WHERE 4 rue Eugène Spuller (3e)
PRICE 10€-14€, tickets available here 


Jamini Design: Party and Contest

On Monday, I had the good fortune to check out Jamini Design’s pop-up on rue du Château d’Eau in the 10ème arrondissement. I’ve been intrigued by -- and I have to admit, have felt a certain affinity for -- the brand’s story which weaves together Indian heritage and French chic in a way that is both ravishing and contemporary. After falling in love with images online, it was great to finally be able to see things with my own eyes, run my hands through the scarves, sniff their new candle, and gain a only-in-real-life appreciation for the quality of the textiles and graphic beauty of line.

Right now, you have 2 chances to experience the Jamini universe!

If you are in Paris: Tonight, you can see, touch and even smell Jamini’s products as well as all of the other collections represented by Les Petits Frenchies at the store’s inaugural opening party! The selections have been thoughtfully chosen with holiday gift-giving in mind so come shop for yourself and others while supporting cool, creative French entrepreneurs. And if you need incentive of the liquid kind, Le Coq is partnering with the party which means yummy cocktails are on the menu. Mercredi 20 novembre à partir de 18h, 10 rue du Château d’Eau (10ème). 

If you are not in Paris: No problem! You can still put a little Jamini in your life by entering to win one of the products pictured below. To qualify, do the following before 25 November:

1. Like Jamini's Facebook page
2. Share this post on your Facebook page, telling Jamini which of the products pictured you’d love to win. 
3. Cross your fingers, touch wood, light candles, do a little dance and make a wish. 

Photo: Jamini Design

Good luck! Bonne chance !