“Il a mis le café / Dans la tasse / Il a mis le lait / Dans la tasse de café…”

Not long ago, I had a meeting that took place in a café. This particular café was chosen because it had free wi-fi; the quality of its coffee was never a variable in the organizer’s decision-making (this is how you know I didn’t make the decision!) Meetings in cafés have become common in the busy capitals of the world, where apartments and offices are too small to accommodate collaborators. The neighborhood café has become the new workspace; the table near the outlet, the corner office. Even with more and more people co-working (La Cantine, La Ruche, Anti-CaféLa Mutinerie in Paris for example,) the café is still the center of a lot of professional activity. Its transformation from genteel social outlet to business incubator has left me a bit depressed.

Fricote Frog Fight Café from David Fynn on Vimeo.

Not Jacques Prévert depressed, mind you, just a little melancholy. From yoga I’ve learned to cultivate non-clinging (Aparigraha) and that has helped tremendously with navigating this change. After all, the only thing you have any measure of dominion over (and still, that is debatable) is yourself. And while you cannot control what happens to you, you can take charge of your reaction. For this reason, I am selective in my café choices, so that I may better have a good experience! Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee. The places below serve some very good coffee, and have nice ambiance if you’d like to linger.

La Caféothèque
• Café Lomi
Le Bal 
Coutume Café 
Kooka Boora (now known as KBCafé)
Le Rocketship
Ten Belles  
Belleville Brûlerie  
Cream Belleville  
Café Kitsuné  

At La Caféothèque // Photo: Amanda Dates