The Midline: A Love Story

There is a lot of talk in yoga about the midline—that invisible axis that runs through the medial core of the body. While the midline parallels the spine, it sits forward of it, in the middle of your being, and is often referred to as the Sushumna nadi. As one of our teachers says, it’s the part of you that holds “the strongest vibrational charge of who you are. It’s both solid and reliable, the center that never wavers; yet smooth, you can see through it, allows clarity of vision and fluid thought.” The midline provides stability yet at the same time, is not so rigid that it can’t adapt to change. The midline is you—in essence!—unwavering and yet constantly evolving.

The funny thing about the midline, too, is that rather than unleash cognitive dissonance, it invites an appreciation for differences: contraction and expansion in a yoga pose, the pros and cons of an argument, the foreground and background of a painting, the top notes and base notes of a perfume, Paris and New York. That is not to say that the midline can’t occasionally cause discomfort or anxiety; the feeling of being betwixt and between can be downright unsettling. Being loyal to the midline, to who you are, however, brings steadiness and calm because the middle is the gateway to your heart.

(By the way, the Making Of video of the above is really good, too. Check it out.)