Friday 5/Vendredi V: Be Your Own Valentine

Next Friday is Valentine’s Day and I’m taking this opportunity to make a public service announcement: I think it’s time we stopped thinking about Valentine’s Day in terms of chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners. Let’s flip this “holiday” dedicated to romantic love, and instead devote it to loving ourselves! Sweep yourself off your feet, and celebrate your talents and big heart by indulging in yoga that makes you feel happy, strong and confident. Never forget: You’ve got soul, and you’re superbad!

Many famous people agree with this whole self-love thing:

• Soren Kierkegaard:  “Don’t forget to love yourself.”

• Ho Chi Minh: “Love other human beings as you would love yourself.”

• Michel de Montaigne: “Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself.”

• Walt Whitman: “I celebrate myself, and sing myself.”

This Friday 5/Vendredi V emphasizes practice, because practice makes permanent! All classes and workshops take place between Friday 14 February and Sunday 16 February, 2014.

1/ PRACTICE Yoga at the Musée Guimet

On a weekend dedicated to love, offer yourself the gift of yoga in a gorgeous setting! Fuse your body, heart and mind with beauty and inspiration.

2/ PRACTICE Jivamukti Yoga with Dechen Thurman

What a great way to reconnect with yourself! Spend the weekend studying Jivamukti Yoga with the delightful Dechen Thurman who will inspire you with stories, humor, chanting, and a transformative practice.

3/ PRACTICE Yoga Integral + Méditation with Sandra

This two-and-a-half hour workshop will awaken you to the vast potential that resides within. Sandra’s background in Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow will ensure you hit all the hallmarks of a full-spectrum practice.

4/ PRACTICE Winter Yoga + Writing Retreat in Normandie with Emilie

Go on a romantic weekend… for one. Head on retreat to Normandie and explore your literary and yogic creativity. This getaway promises ample time for contemplation, meditation and relaxation, as well as access to a spa for maximum you-time. 

5/ PRACTICE Bain de Gong avec Caroline Benezet

The full moon on Valentine’s Day might have you feeling off-balance, but you can find more harmony by gently embracing its energy. Caroline’s gong bath will subtly relax your system as the sound waves wash over you, and dissolve any tension or anxiety. Love!