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27-31 août, 2015 Retraite : Self-Practice Weekend for Yoga Teachers in Lot-et-Garonne

Slow down, reconnect and be inspired in the company of other teachers and aspirants with four days to deepen your yoga practice, share your teaching methods and gain insight whilst supported by a daily structure to guide you.

Morning meditation walks and time for contemplation make this a natural setting to provide undisturbed peace on your path of self-inquiry.

With a wholesome vegetarian, gluten, dairy and sugar free diet, to aide mental clarity and calm, re-energising your system.

More details available here!

Fee includes accommodations, all nutritious vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks; use of yoga mats, meditation blankets and straps.

QUAND/WHEN Jeudi 27 août-lundi 31 août, 2015 (5 jours/4 nuits)

OÙ/WHERE Little French Retreat, 47130 Montesquieu

£285 shared occupancy
£100 deposit required to reserve spot

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30 juillet-4 août, 2015 Retraite : Yoga + Vegetarian Indian Cookery in Lot-et-Garonne

Join Pallavi Gupta for five days of yoga + cooking: vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free Indian food made easy and healthy!

Learn how to simplify Indian cooking and understand the ayurvedic significance of the herbs and spices creating dishes for your day to day menu. The dishes that you will make in the workshop will be served for dinner, so you get to savour the food. An interactive experience, involving you in the cooking process so you understand and learn how to recreate the same dish in your own kitchen with ease.

With morning Hatha Yoga classes to boost your vitality through yogic breathing, deepening your knowledge of the health benefits for each asana and improving your physical wellbeing.

More details available here!

Fee includes accommodations, all nutritious vegetarian meals, snacks and drinks, 5 yoga classes, use of yoga mats, meditation blankets and straps, visit to local farmers market.

QUAND/WHEN Jeudi 30 juillet-mardi 4 août, 2015 (6 jours/5 nuits)

OÙ/WHERE Little French Retreat, 47130 Montesquieu

£625 shared occupancy
£100 deposit required to reserve spot

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23-29 juillet, 2015 Retraite : LuxYoga Vinyasa in Côte d’Azur

Respect - essential to any solid relationship and the foundation for Isaac and Benjamin’s fifth retreat together at the villa. Yes, mutual respect between these two notorious teachers but more so, respect for the dedication it takes for modern people like you to practice yoga in a mindful way and the deep respect that Isaac and Benjamin share for the traditions of yoga. As creative, broad and unique as the practices during this special retreat will feel, they are rooted in a mutual dedication to the totality of yoga.  Both of these guys are equal parts reverence for the past, for structure and intelligent design, and in their own ways, trailblazers who believe in doing things with joy in a way that simply works. Their classes are fluid journeys to new horizons that while seamless and creative are always rooted in the intelligent container of the fundamental principles of yoga.  This retreat is a symbiotic combination of styles with consistent physical and spiritual themes that ensure a frame of reference for your work. By experiencing excitingly different classes with shared fundamental resonance, you will leave the retreat well on your way to achieving one of the ultimate goals of practice; the capacity to self-calibrate your practice, and thus your body-mind. It is our goal to offer you a practice that will serve your practice in any practice you choose for years following this retreat. We are also counting on some good laughs, great food, fine wine and a dip in the pool after every cleansing class. Isaac and Benjamin's retreats have become known for the special way they challenge incredibly physically gifted yogis while supporting the healing work of newer students and those with injuries. With deep respect for the best in each other, let's have a great week together. 

• Benjamin Sears: master teacher of Dharma Mittra Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, USA Yoga Championship finalist and LUX founder and host
• Isaac Peña: world-renowned master teacher of yoga therapy, Thai massage, Kung Fu black belt and creator of the singular Isaac Peña series 

QUAND/WHEN Monday September 9-Sunday September 15, 2013 (7 days/6 nights)

OÙ/WHERE LuxYoga Villa, 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup

$2450 and up per person, depending on room selection

Reserve by contacting LUXYOGA here


13-19 juillet, 2015 Retraite : LuxYoga Forrest + Vinyasa Yoga in Côte d’Azur

Practice gratitude, receive grace. When you acknowledge what's good, when you say thanks, you give energy back to the source. It's giving and getting all at once without all the grasping and straining.  The circle continues and support is everywhere. Over time, the practice of gratitude turns effort into grace. Learn to bring the very feeling of of living well into your cell tissues to manifest the essence of positivity in all facets of your life. This is not just some new-agey speech. You will hone the very skill of using feelings to develop intelligence so as to create opportunities and space in both practice and life. More than just enjoying a sumptuous week in the South of France with amazing cuisine and personalized luxury, this retreat is about planting the seeds of a beautiful life, ripping out the weeds at their roots, and growing from the good essence of your Spirit. Grace, above all, is connection to Spirit, to the best and most creative and strongest and softest part of you. You will explore how the acts of asana and gratitude may create a state of grace, and how that state of grace is truly a reservoir into which you can dip your cup long after your retreat has ended. 

This retreat represents the second annual collaboration between Erica Mather, one of a select few Forrest Yoga Guardians worldwide, and Benjamin Sears, founder of LUXYOGA We came together to do this because we both love the cerebral aspects of practice and can talk for hours about theory yet stand in awe of the powers of feeling and Spirit. Join us for a special blend of therapeutically crafted Vinyasa classes, deeply healing Forrest Yoga, Pranayama, and intention setting practices. Expect to be challenged in a safe space by teachers who care more about you than the poses but also love to get sweaty and deep. Kindred Spirits, unite in the South of France!

QUAND/WHEN Lundi 13 juillet-dimanche 19 juillet, 2015 (7 jours/6 nuits)

OÙ/WHERE LuxYoga Villa, 06140 Tourrettes-sur-Loup

$2450 and up, depending on room selection

$500 deposit required. Reserve by contacting LUXYOGA here


12-18 juillet, 2015 Retraite : Semaine de Yoga en Dordogne

Venez passer une semaine avec Ariane de Yoga Coaching pour pratiquer le yoga et vous ressourcer à la Maison d’Aum en Dordogne. Toutes les infos de cette retraite sont ici ! 

Les tarifs comprennent le logement en pension complète et tous les cours de yoga/méditations. 

QUAND/WHEN Dimanche 12 juillet-samedi 18 juillet, 2015 (5 jours/4 nuits)

OÙ/WHERE La Maison d’Aum, 24110 Bourrou

705€ par personne (chambre de deux) avant le 1er juin
680€ par personne (chambre triple ou quadruple) avant le 1er juin