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The Art of Vinyasa Advanced Teacher Training + Intensive with Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy

 Photo: Swaha

Photo: Swaha

This Art of Vinyasa training with Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy is designed to inspire you to teach safely and effectively the ancient practice of Vinyasa Yoga. The Sanskrit root “Vinyasa” means “to place” (vi) in a specific way (nyasa). In a vinyasa style practice, how poses are linked or connected is vital.

We will explore in detail specific groupings of poses from First, Second, and Third Series of Ashtanga Yoga, in terms of the specific movements that take us from one pose to another to create a seamless flow.

As we become more aware of the connection between poses, the general overall shape of a dynamic yoga class, then we can begin to explore variations that promote creativity and insight.

It is also possible to see individual poses as having their own “vinyasa”. In other words,“steps” (krama) taken within the pose that not only allow us to go deeper but to become more mindful of areas in our bodies that we find challenging and that might require specific attention to help facilitate the flow of energy (prana).

OÙ/WHERE : Ashtanga Yoga Paris
TARIF/FEE : 585€
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