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Manduka Medium Vertical #2 - EU


Sat 14 March-Sun 15 March, 2015 Formation : Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training

Photo: Kidding Around Yoga

Kidding Around Yoga teacher training training is for anyone who works with kids and wants to incorporate some yoga into their work. It's also for yoga teachers who are interested in teaching kids yoga.

Learn to share the ancient Science of Yoga with kids. You don't have to be a Yoga teacher to do this. It's for ANYBODY who works with kids. Great for parents and teachers, along with Yoga teachers who are wishing to continue their education. Our blended training, which combines independent online learning plus two exciting days of classroom instruction, covers breathing practices, meditation, deep relaxation, asanas, games, activities, arts & crafts, business, marketing, and more! We also have 5 CDs full of original music that incorporate Yoga poses and cardiovascular activities. Our music alone will take your classes to a whole new level. Kids love our program… and you will too!

We also offer optional Licensee agreements upon completion of the training. KAY Licensees receive a ready made business package - complete with a website, email address, tons of marketing materials, and much, much more.

QUAND/WHEN Samedi 14 mars-dimanche 15 mars, 2015: Kidding Around Kids Yoga Teacher Training

9h-18h both days

OÙ/WHERE 75002 (near Opéra, Paris) 

$650 or 475,95€ (Discounts available, for information please click here)

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Ven 6 mars-Dim 8 mars, 2015 : 3-Day “Yoga for Kids + Families” Teacher Training

Photo: Rainbow Kids Yoga

The 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, intensive and practical certification course. Be prepared to practice and learn to teach yoga while laughing, dancing, playing and singing!

The Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is well rounded and intensive, with practical theory, discussions and TONS OF FUN! Most importantly, you will come out with immediate tangible knowledge and tons of fabulous ideas to create original, captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages, anywhere in the world.

**Cette formation sera enseignée par Cayetana Rodenas, en anglais et en français.**

QUAND/WHEN Vendredi 6 mars-dimanche 8 mars, 2015: 3-Day “Yoga for Kids and Families” Teacher Training

9h-18h both tous les jours

OÙ/WHERE Feeling Dance Factory (Pantin) 


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Mer 25 février-28 février, 2015 : Enseigner les Techniques du Yoga aux Enfants avec Yogamini Paris

Stage de formation “Les Fondamentaux”

Apprenez à enseigner le yoga aux enfants (4 à 10 ans.) Ce premier module permet d’accéder au programme complet de certification et de supervision, pour l'obtention du diplôme d'animateur de Yoga pour les enfants.

Le programme de formation est destiné aux professionnels qui souhaitent découvrir et transmettre les techniques d’enseignement du yoga pour les enfants, à savoir principalement : les professeurs de yoga, les enseignants, les animateurs, éducateurs sportifs, les professionnels du champ médico-social et pré-scolaire, il peut également être recommandé aux parents.

30 heures de formation. 

Ce premier module peut être suivi indépendamment des autres (modules 2 et 3).

QUAND/WHEN Mercredi 25 février-samedi 28 février, 2015 : Enseigner les Techniques du Yoga aux Enfants—Stage de Formation « Les Fondamentaux »

OÙ/WHERE Paris (4e)

Pour plus d’informations et obtenir le dossier de candidature, contactez Yogamini Formation :


Sam 21 février-Mar 24 février, 2015 : Dynamic Yoga Immersion—Module 1 with Olivia Crooks

Photo: Dynamic Yoga

Red Earth Centre welcomes Dynamic Yoga teacher trainer Olivia Crooks for a series of Dynamic Yoga Immersion modules.

Based entirely on action and experience, the Dynamic Yoga Immersions constitute a comprehensive grounding in yoga posture praxis that can serve as a powerful basis for both satisfying self-praxis and effective teaching.

The Immersion Modules are open to those who would like to deepen their understanding of yoga practise (which includes those even beginning their journey of yoga) and to those wishing to teach (or already teaching) yoga. Completion of all four immersion modules will make you eligible to continue on to the dynamic yoga ‘Teaching Skills’, 3-week 400-hour Teacher Training residential course in France in August 2015.

Module 1 : Nourishing
Focusses on cultivating the Dynamics of Integrity in the whole body so as to access somatic intelligence consciously. You will learn how to activate the body with integrity in a broad range of dynamic and static supine, prone, seated, standing and inverted postures. This immersion is open to anyone, teachers as well as pratititioners, wishing to establish a stable basis of integrity for their praxis or teaching. Especially fruitful for beginners, and those who think that they are advanced practitioners.

Each of the five modules is complete in itself, and supported by comprehensive notes on yoga posture praxis. Each module can be attended individually.

Module 1 : Nourishing
Module 2 : Integrating (18-21 avril)
Module 3 : Releasing (17-20 octobre)
Module 4 : Opening (21-24 novembre)

QUAND/WHEN Samedi 21 février-mardi 24 février, 2015 : Dynamic Yoga Immersion Modules: Module 1 “Nourishing” avec Olivia Crooks

OÙ/WHERE Red Earth Centre 

380€ Module 1 (4 jours)
200€ Weekend seulement (2 jours)

Information et inscriptions :


Jeu 19 février-Dim 22 févier, 2015 : Master Flow Therapy TT with Duncan Wong

Photo: Septième Ciel Yoga

For the first time ever, Duncan Wong will be leading a Teacher Training Intensive in Paris. Entitled “Master Flow Therapy” this training will teach you how to master a flow class and become a master style teacher on the yoga path. In this TT Intensive you will discover Duncan’s masterful 'hand's on' adjustments with thai massage designed to counter pose your body into a pain free powerful flow and easy alignment. 

Participate in any workshop/s or 1, 2 or ALL 3 modules:

• Module 1: Source Power Teacher Body
• Module 2: Integrating Asana & Vinyasa
• Module 3: Art of Vinyasa Flow Therapy 

For more details on modules and training, click here 

QUAND/WHEN Jeudi 19 février-dimanche 22 février, 2015: Master Flow Therapy Teacher Training Intensive with Duncan Wong

See link above for times

OÙ/WHERE Micadanses

Prices listed for payment before 15/2, payment thereafter
3 modules 270€, 300€
2 modules 200€, 220€
1 module 110€, 120€
1 workshop 60€, 65€
module 3.1 40€, 45€
module 3.2 80€, 85€ 

For more details, contact Nadine Norman: