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Where to Stay

Paris is one of the world’s great destinations, and there are as many places to stay as there are varieties of cheese! This guide is designed for help you identify your needs so that you make the best choice for yourself.

• How often will you practice yoga while you're in Paris? Once? Every day to counterract the effects of the aforementioned cheese?
• Is there a specific class or teacher or studio you want to experience?
• Are you visiting Paris for a particular workshop or training?
• Are you travelling alone? With friends?
• Would you like someone else to make your bed? 

If you'll only be in Paris for a short while and aren't really sure of where you'll end up practicing yoga, you probably won't need to make your accommodations decision based on proximity to a yoga studio. If you're visiting to experience a specific class/teacher/studio, or if you’ll be participating in a longer workshop or training, you may want to choose accommodations near the yoga studio or venue, especially if you anticipate crawling into bed after 6 hours of strenuous asana. We love hotels (who doesn’t love coming home to a crisply made-by-someone-else bed?) but we’re also big fans of apartment rentals.

HOTELS There are hotels all over Paris and, like everywhere, prices depend on quality and location. This doesn't mean that a 2-star hotel can't be fantastic, or that a 5-star can't be a complete let-down. What it means is: It pays to do your research! Cross-reference recommendations from friends with articles on travel websites, triangulate with reviews on Trip Advisor, and use yet more travel sites to filter and compare dates and prices. That said, we’re big fans of the list of hotels that Kia Naddermier of Mysore Yoga Paris has put together -- it balances right-bank hipness with practicality. And we also love this list of budget hotels, some of which we’ve stayed in and can vouch for. Other snazzy suggestions can be found at Tablet Hotels and Mr & Mrs Smith.

APARTMENTS There are tons of apartments for rent in Paris, from private owners to agencies specializing in relocation (dare to dream!) Apartments rented by owners can be less expensive than those offered by agencies, but if they don't accept credit cards, be prepared for extra costs related to wire transfers. We once got to a rental apartment in Paris, only to meet a peeved owner who requested that we pay in cash—immediately—the fees that our bank and her bank had taken out of the total rental amount. This is more likely to happen with an apartment being rented by an owner than it is with one listed by a service, so if you're at all apprehensive, it might be better to use an agency. We've had great success with short stays using Boutique Homes and Kudeta Home (tell Stéphane and Pierre that Yogateau sent you!)

A word about airbnb: If you've ever searched their listings, you know what it is to be overwhelmed by an embarrassment of riches! Fortunately, they've devised a “Paris Neighborhood Guide” that will help you narrow down all of the options. Be sure to Like our Facebook page as we often help Paris-based yoga students and teachers spread the word about their rentals.

We are continually updating this section of the site to ensure that it provides first-hand insight into Parisian short-term and tourist accommodations. If you have useful advice to share with visiting yogis regarding housing, we'd love to hear your advice and suggestions.