Sun 10 March Workshop: Beginner Series (4 of 4)

Prepare your body, breath and attention for yoga postures (asana.) What steps should you take? Well, start from wherever you are!

The workshop will begin with simple breathing exercises to observe and lengthen the breath, and to unify breath with movement. The goal is for each person to create a foundation of breath synched with movement, the most important aspect of yoga postures.

We’ll then introduce Ujjayi which permits the yogi to perceive and hear the breath and better link it to the poses. This in turn helps us to begin, sustain and finish the movement, to enter and exit each pose. During this focus, together we’ll experiment with Sun Salutations and standing postures, to discover their building blocks, variations and modifications.

The second part of the session will be dedicated to seated poses, to breaking them down into successive steps, learning how to enter and exit them according to the Vinyasa system.

During this group practice led by breath’s audible rhythm, Franco will provide modifications adapted to each student‘s level.

Each session will end with finishing postures, and a deep relaxation that will invigorate and refresh body and mind.

WHEN Sundays 7 October, 4 November, 9 December, 3 February (2013): Atelier débutants avec Franco Senica


WHERE Samasthiti Studio

35€ members, 40€ non-members

Details of the workshop will be available here beginning Thursday.

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