From Yoga Doubter to Yoga Believer

You know how some people say they can’t go to a yoga class because they’re not flexible enough? This idea is as pervasive as the one that claims yogis are born, not made. How else to explain the super bendy-ness of some yogis versus the incredible non-bendy-ness of the rest of us? While there are definitely yogis who can more or less claim to have been born into it (Noah Mazé and Sharath Jois come to mind), most of us have had to learn. We have had to practice. Even Patanjali acknowledged the sustained effort involved in becoming a yogi. Why else would he (or they) have bothered to write the Yoga Sutras, essentially a how-to guide for the non-initiate?

For this reason, I think it’s valuable to listen to yogis’ stories about how they discovered yoga: To hear about their skepticism and fears, to see how the yoga practice has supported and enriched their lives and, fundamentally, to understand how their experiences mirror our own. I am thrilled to share this video with Linda Munro in which she discusses her journey from yoga doubter in Canada to yoga teacher in Paris. Consider this the teaser for our interview with this lovely co-owner of Ashtanga Yoga Paris. Magnifique!