Pranayama in Paris

“To breathe Paris preserves the soul.” —Victor Hugo

Here are a few ideas for those of you looking to expand on every breath you take. By learning Pranayama—“extension of the prana, or breath”—you acquire tools which are not only useful during a yoga practice, but also essential when out and about in a busy city like Paris. Caissière at Monoprix got you down? Experiment with 1:2 breathing. Feeling a bit foggy? Try a couple of rounds of Kapalabhati. There are practically as many Pranayama techniques as there are reasons for practicing them.

The Parisian studios below offer Pranayama. Please be sure to check that classes are still in session as many studios will have abridged schedules over the holidays! And note that many will also revise or change their schedules in the new year.

• Every Monday, 17h45-19h (Level 2) at Espace Nataraja
• Every Tuesday, 20h-21h at Ashtanga Yoga Paris
• Every Friday, 12h30-13h30 (Level 1) at Espace Nataraja

• Thursday 13 December (on Moon Days), 7h30-9h at Mysore Yoga Paris
• Sunday 16 December, 9h30-10h45 (with Meditation) at Samasthiti Studio

• Sunday 9 December, 9h-12h: Mastering the Breath, a Tool for Health at Ecole de Yoga Satyananda Paris
• Saturday 15 December, 10h-12h: Relearning to Breathe at Espace Jaya

• Mondays 7-28 January (4 sessions): Breath Workshop at Centre Sivananda de Yoga Vedanta
• Saturday 13-Wednesday 17 April: Pranayama with Sri O. P. Tiwari at Ashtanga Yoga Paris

If you’re still mystified by Pranayama, here is yoga teacher Annie Carpenter (who will be at Beyoga in 2013!) with a very clear explanation, and a demonstration of 3-part breath, one of the most common techniques.