European Yogi Nomads: Berlin

As a site devoted to bridging the gap between the French and anglophone yoga communities, we rejoice any time people come together and support each other in a spirit of fraternité. Broadening kula—the Sanskrit word for “community of the heart” or “community of like-hearted beings”—is what we’re all about. Whenever you arc your arms skyward in Warrior I, you are expanding the borders of who you are, exploring the kula beyond your own body. And whenever you help someone in handstand, you are embodying the very idea of kula by supporting a kindred spirit. You are both the brick in the cupola and the keystone.

This is why we are super duper excited about this weekend's kula activity (kulactivity? Cool activity?) in Berlin! European Yogi Nomads (EYN) brings European yogis together for quick yoga getaways. EYN is a chance to visit new places, make new friends, and simultaneously grow your yoga practice. Berlin is the first city to host EYN, with other cities following every three months or so as the event blossoms.

The specifics of EYN could not be simpler: the host city’s organizers and visitors practice together in a 3-hour workshop then have dinner together. Voilà! Connecting with fellow yogis has never been easier, nor more affordable: mix the reasonable workshop fee (30€-45€) with low-cost inter-European trains and flights, then fold in the possibility of couch-surfing and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded yoga vacation that won't break the bank.

EYN’s inaugural Berlin workshop will be co-taught by Alex Kröker and Anne Vandewalle in English. YogaRaum, the host city's studio, will provide German translation. Other participating teachers assisting the event: Anja Bergh (Goeteborg), Kate Beckel (Istanbul), Nanna Nielsen (Copenhagen) and Jana Toepfer (Berlin).