European Yogi Nomads: Basel

Back in October, we told you about European Yogi Nomads, an association of European yoga students and teachers looking to connect with each other -- on yoga mats, over dinner and conversation -- all around the continent. Berlin was the first city to host EYN, and by all accounts (especially photographic!) the event was a success. The group has just announced its second event, and it’s going to be another fun opportunity to embody Douglas Brooks’ well-loved aphorism “You are the company you keep, so keep good company.” In January, European Yogi Nomads heads to... Basel, Switzerland!

Hosted at Devin Yoga Studio, the workshop will take place Saturday 28 January from 15h-18h and will be co-taught by Vincent Pezet*, owner of Devin Yoga, and Christina Lobe of City Yoga Berlin. For those wishing to go deeper, there will be two additional classes taught by visiting teachers: one from 12h-13h30 and another from 16h-17h30, both on Friday afternoon. As always, the organizers have taken care to ensure the yoga vacation remains affordable, and have a network of couch-surfing options available to attendees. For more details and registration information, please visit the EYN Facebook page, or Devin Yoga’s page.

*Full disclosure: I am huge fan of Vincent’s! I met him at a Teacher Training in Paris two years ago, and was instantly smitten. Not only is his teaching inspired and clear, he is an absolute delight of a person -- warm, playful and funny.