Vive la révolution... du cœur!

July is not only the month of Independence in France and the United States. Other countries such as Canada, Peru and Venezuela (to name just a few) are also celebrating their freedom. I can’t think of a better way to toast the French motto of Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité than by doing yoga! Yoga is, after all, a practice of finding freedom – in equal measures -- in our bodies, minds and hearts, while being aware of the people around us, and moving in concert with them. The Sanskrit term kula is sometimes defined as “community of the heart,” and I think it nicely affirms the full range of these beautiful and radical ideals: Our inherent freedom, our yearning for equality, and our abiding kinship with other human beings. Vive la révolution du coeur!

Connect with like-minded folks this month by participating in as many yoga events as you can handle. You are free to choose your adventure! How cool is that? Our listings are updated weekly, so check back often. Why, just this week we were thrilled to discover that Kia Naddermier launched her new Ashtanga Yoga website, Mysore Yoga Paris. We’re very excited to add MYP to our kula of studios.