At this very minute, in Paris and in New York City, there are two exhibits highlighting Indian art. I love these sorts of synergies! In Paris, the Centre Pompidou has a show called Paris-Delhi-Bombay which investigates the connections between contemporary French and Indian art. In New York City, the Brooklyn Museum is highlighting Vishnu, with its show entitled Vishnu: Hinduism's Blue-Skinned Savior.

In the Hindu cosmology, Vishnu represents stability and one way that the Brooklyn Museum is exploring his meaning and iconography is by inviting New York City yoga teachers to hold classes in the museum's rotunda. What a terrific way to embody the art that surrounds you, while infusing your poses with meaning! It is one thing to look at a painting of Vishnu, quite another to exemplify all of his qualities. 

There are rumors that museums in Paris (Guimet? Palais de Tokyo?) will soon begin infusing their gallery spaces with the creative energy of yoga. Stay tuned for more details.