Retreat Yourself

With so many yoga workshops taught by such a diverse and international group of teachers, there's really no reason to leave Paris in July. But for those of you itching to escape l'héxagone, flee the stuffy métro and overcrowded sidewalks, we've got a few more retreat ideas.

• In Aveyron, a yoga and improvisational dance retreat for those looking to combine the two artforms. There will be daily yoga classes to open up the body: Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Partner Yoga, Massage (Thai and Body Weather), as well as solo and paired Meditation. Improvisational dance will be explored through themes, along with automatic composition, contact improv, and Butoh. The workshop will end with a performance.

Sat 6 August-Sat 13 August. More details here.

Centre de Sivananda Yoga Vedanta has an ashram near Orléans, just an hour south of Paris. They host retreats year-round, featuring everything from yoga to Indian dance to Ayurveda and vedic astrology. Their rates are reasonable (a downright bargain if you go with the camping option,) and the ashram's location near the châteaux de la Loire makes it a fabulous, affordable getaway.

Classes and lectures are conducted in both French and English, with simultaneous translation into both languages.

More details here.

• In September, Caroline Boulinguez (my very first yoga teacher!) of Samasthiti Studio will lead a retreat in Guéthary, an impossibly adorable town in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Stay tuned for details!