La Rentrée

Even though I am no longer a fulltime student, I am always giddy about La Rentrée (or as it’s known in the US, Back To School season.) Perhaps it’s because I was born into a family of educators, but I was never one of those kids who spent summer vacation dreading the first day of school. I looked forward to it! Lunch with friends, new pens and poems to memorize, stiff shoes and knee socks, I couldn’t imagine anything more fun. Of course I wasn’t exactly what you would call a model student -- more than one of my report cards mentions my recidivist day-dreaming and chattiness -- but I still loved the rigor of lessons and the coziness of the classroom. I loved art and music, and I enjoyed being able to read in peace in the library. Home was boring by comparison.

In France, La Rentrée is an occasion to celebrate not only the beginning of the school year for students, but our shared sense of renewal. After long vacations in July and August, La Rentrée has come to symbolize France’s collective invigoration and its desire to start fresh. Businesses have seized on this feeling, and every September brings rounds of special offers on all sorts of things, not just books and supplies. Everyone waits for La Rentrée before trying out a new coiffeur, or buckling down at work, or becoming more serious about an active lifestyle.

Naturally, yoga studios are in on it, and there are lots of ways this Fall to try out different classes and teachers without breaking the bank. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to experiment with a new yoga style, or check out a studio in a different arrondissement, now’s the time to explore your options. Don't forget to look out for Open House days (known as a Journées Portes Ouvertes) in which studios showcase their classes and teachers with day-long schedules of free activities.

Qee in the 9e arrondissement is launching some new modalities this September: Gyrotonic, Yin yoga, Mommy & Me yoga, and Post Natal yoga.

• In addition to Et Votre Corps Sourit's Forfait Découverte which entitles you to 2 classes for 35€ (to be used over 7 consecutive days,) new members can benefit from a free trial class for every 10-, 20- or 40-class card they purchase between August 29th and October 1st. Et Votre Corps Sourit has a broad selection of disciplines to choose from, so this presents an interesting opportunity to try something new. For more details on specific deals, go here.

Espace Peauzdétente in the 11e arrondissement is offering a trial yoga class (cours d'essai) for €12 instead of the usual €16. If you're curious about Hatha, Hot Yoga, Kundalini or Yoga intégral, it might be worthwhile to check this place out.

• If you're looking to practice in the 15e arrondissement, Centre Relax has trial classes (cours d'essai) for €15 instead of €25. They offer Yoga détente, Vinyasa as well as Power Yoga taught by Laure Coquel who is a delight.

• From August 22 until September 30, Canal Central in the 10e is slashing the cost of its 4-class card. For €40, you'll have access to Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Meditation, Shadow Yoga, Vinyasa and Yoga for Kids.

• While not strictly a Rentrée deal, Yoga Yoga Paris's trial class (cours d'essai) is €25, while access to 8 consecutive days of yoga is €45. To inquire and register for either of these offers, you can call Yoga Yoga Paris, or contact them using this online form.

Be Yoga in the 14e arrondissement has an "Open Pass" that's good for unlimited classes over a 10-day period. For €35, this is a steal, especially given the caliber and variety of their teachers.

• At Mysore Yoga Paris, new yoga students can benefit from one week of unlimited classes for €25.

YogaTime in the 17e has an online Offre Découverte of €29 for 3 hours of classes, to be used over a 10-day period. All you have to do is sign up for here.

• Studio Keller's Journée Portes Ouvertes will take place on September 3 and 4. Free classes will be held in the afternoons. For more details, click here. In addition, the studio will offer free classes during Festival Quartier Bastille on September 15.

• On September 10, Ashtanga Yoga Paris will offer free, all levels classes as part of their Journée Portes Ouvertes. In addition, they will be offering a 10% discount on all purchases of class cards. For more details on class schedule, go here.

• In the 9e arrondissement, Espace Nataraja will be hosting a Journée Portes Ouvertes on September 24 and 25. Schedule will be posted online sometime in September.

Red Earth Centre in the 10e will host its Journée Portes Ouvertes on October 1. Expect yoga, shiatsu and Zen meditation on the schedule. Details to follow.