Elena Brower à Paris

This week brings New York City's Elena Brower back to Paris for a 3-day series of workshops at the American Church in the 7ème arrondissement. If you have never studied with Elena, this is a great opportunity to learn from an inspiring and talented Anusara Yoga teacher whose subtle alignment instructions are interwoven with attention cues that will shift your awareness and transform your body. The series is constructed very cleverly to take you, incrementally, from inviting Grace into your practice to using vinyasa to awaken and create more harmony, to closing with transformative twists and forward bends.

If you're not around for the workshops, don't fret! Elena will be returning to Paris on October 2nd to lead France's first, large-scale yoga experience: White Yoga Session. This event is free, however registration will be limited to 2000 participants so sign up soon. She will be accompanied by bassist Garth Stevenson whose hauntingly beautiful music perfectly complements Elena's teaching. Having participated in some of Elena's yoga events, I can assure you that they are profound and will resonate with you long after your final savasana.

By the way, if the idea of doing yoga with 1999 other people freaks you out, watch this video of Elena at Wanderlust: Yoga in the City. It's not scary at all!