Strasbourg, land of sausages and... yoga?

I want to alert you to a series of yoga workshops with Kathryn Budig in Strasbourg (October 7-9 and 15-17,) but first we have to talk about Strasbourg itself and what makes it special.

Strasbourg is not only one of three capitals of the European Union (the other two are Luxembourg and Brussels,) it is the capital of Alsace, a region known for its vineyards and breweries, and its insufferably picturesque villages, churches and châteaux. Strasbourg retains a lot of the architectural and cultural influences of its neighbor, Germany: the timber-framed architecture in the Petite France quartier is distinctly teutonic, while the regional cuisine leans heavily toward smoked pork products, dumplings and choucroute (for an exceptional description of this dish and its pleasures, read this great article by the incomparable R. W. Apple Jr.) I love rich, porky food as much as the next person, but one of my favorite Alsatian specialties is actually vegetarian! It's Zewelkueche or Ziwelawaïa, an onion quiche that is delicious and soul-satisfying with a glass of crisp Riesling. Food is one of Strasbourg's central attractions -- to visit it and not eat at least one absurd, belt-busting meal at a winstub like Chez Yvonne would be doing yourself a disservice.

So with yoga on the agenda, why not plan for a caloric splurge in a region known for its gastronomy?

Kathryn Budig will be at Strasbourg's YOGAMOVES for two sets of workshops this October! The first one takes place the 7th through the 9th, and is designed to add spice and flexibility to your practice, with classes focused on hips, bakasana and backbends. The second one takes places the 15th through the 17th, and will transport you from Vinyasa Flow through arm balances and core/abdominal work. With Strasbourg only two and a half hours away from Paris on the TGV, I think it makes an ideal weekend getaway. If the food is not attaction enough, consider Kathryn Budig whose gorgeous practice and sense of humor will simultaneously blow your mind and inspire you. If you have time in your schedule, vas-y!