Yoga au Musée Guimet

In the United States, doing yoga and meditating in unusual settings has become fairly common. From occupying urban corners to doing dhanurasana in the Nevada desert to practicing in museums, there are very few venues left that have not been touched in some way by a yoga or meditation event. These interventions subvert and give new meaning to civic engagement, and transform public and private spaces into singular experiences for participants as well as spectators.

On Saturday 25 February at 14h, Paris’ premiere Asian art museum, the Musée Guimet, is hosting Yog’arts en famille for parents and children (aged 4 years and up.) Led by teacher Ulrika Deze, this 2-hour yoga class will be an opportunity to discover the museum’s works in a playful and relaxed way. You’ll explore the museum’s collections and come to understand the messages of confidence, joy and well-being contained in each piece.

After the class, there will be a signing for Ulrika’s book “Le Yoga de Kika”, a sweet story about six year old Kika and her introduction to yoga.

Adults 12€ / Children 6,30€

Reservations required. Please call 01 56 52 53 45 or email