Jasmine Tarkeshi à Paris

As we said way back in October, “broadening kula—the Sanskrit word for “community of the heart” or “community of like-hearted beings”—is what we’re all about.” This spirit of fraternité imbues everything we do, and we love it when we have an opportunity to celebrate the very individuals who not only live this philosophy in their practice and teachings, but who inspire us to do the same, on the mat and off. Jasmine Tarkeshi is one such being! Co-founder of New York and San Francisco’s enormously popular Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers, Jasmine will bring her Rock the Chakras! tour to Paris at the end of March for three delicious, music-filled workshops.

One of the things that makes Laughing Lotus so unique -- besides Lotus Flow, their signature fun, funky and dance-like vinyasa co-created by Jasmine and LL co-owner Dana Flynn -- is that it is an authentic expression of their shared love of music, dance, creativity, and for yoga as an agent of personal and spiritual transformation. From the very beginning, their goal has been to inspire devotion, celebrate community and spiritual life, and to foster a “camaraderie that welcomes all.” Jasmine and Dana have always believed in extending yoga’s reach beyond the shala’s walls, and they developed their Love Saves the Day classes to turn yoga into more than just self-service: to benefit local and international charities.

In these three Parisian workshops with Jasmine (one at Be Yoga, two at Studio Keller,) you’ll not only uncover your true essence thanks to the moving meditation that is Lotus Flow, but also harness the creative energy of the chakras to step out onto the trottoirs de Paris with more compassion and love.

Sign up early for one, two or all of these workshops with Jasmine! They are going to rock.

Check out this video which perfectly captures the honey-like progression of Lotus Flow. That’s Dana moving through asana as Jasmine sings and leads her through a dynamic, dancing sequence.