European Yogi Nomads: Copenhagen

Oui! Or should we say “ja”? It’s time for another edition of European Yogi Nomads, and this month the destination is Copenhagen. As you know, EYN is all about bringing yoga students and teachers together for affordable weekend getaways that combine equal parts practice and friendship. You book your own cheap travel, hit up local yogis for some couch surfing/slumber parties, do yoga, connect with like-hearted souls and explore the city. It’s a way of expanding the idea of community beyond the yoga studio’s walls, and beyond the borders of your home country.

The weekend kicks off Friday 30 March with an evening class co-taught by Anja Bergh and Jana Toepfer, and continues through Saturday with Nanna Wagner-Nielsen and Chris Chavez leading a 3-hour workshop. On Saturday night, all of the yogis will join together for a big dinner party! Throughout the weekend there will be many more opportunities to practice as Guerilla Yogi classes will be taught by pairs of teachers, including Paris’ Anne Vandewalle.

Details about the event can be found here. To register online, email and visit this site for more information. To get you in the mood, here is one of my favorite songs about Copenhagen sung by Philippe Katerine, a French artist: Copenhague (will launch externally in Spotify.)

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