Doing it for the Kids

Seva is an attitude as much as it is an action. Seva, defined as selfless service, is when you approach the world around you from the perspective of “what can I do to uplift these people, this place.” Then, going to the grocery store is not about restocking your pantry but an opportunity to connect to people in your community (…)” —3HO Foundation

Photo: © Room to Read

I love the idea that the potential for seva, or selfless service, exists in every daily action and interaction. You are practicing seva each time you wish a stranger “À vos souhaits!” after a sneeze, or (dare to) smile at a dour caissière at Franprix. That feeling of well-being that floods your awareness after a yoga class ripples beyond you in concentric circles, reflecting your quotidian exchanges and washing them onto distant shores. The very act of living with mindfulness suffuses your surroundings with peace and that, too, is an act of seva. Part of what makes yoga so life-changing is that it doesn’t just change you—it turns you into an agent of change.

And there’s no better way to “be the change” than by practicing seva and yoga simultaneously! This weekend in Paris, you can transform the shapes you make on your mat into real and lasting benefits for children in need by participating in one (or more!) of these events. If you cannot join your fellow yogis, consider making a donation anyway. Every little bit makes a difference!

© Room to Read

• On Saturday 16 June, roll out your mat for Namaste India!, Room to Read’s first global yoga benefit to raise funds for girls’ education in India. Beginning in Australia, passing through Paris and ending in San Francisco, each of Room to Read’s more than fifty international chapters will collaborate with yoga studios and teachers around the world to convert your “passion for yoga into compassion.” Suggested donation: 20€.

Participating studios and their schedules:

Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche (5e): 9h-10h30, 12h-13h30, 13h-14h30, 15h-16h30 (class in English,) 17h-18h30 (with music)
Inspire Yoga (12e): 10h15-11h15 (prenatal,) 15h-16h30
CRL10 (10e, both classes led by Lina Franco of Body Yoga): 11h15-12h30, 12h45-14h
Centre de Yoga du Marais (3e): 15h30-17h (prenatal)
Centre de Yoga Iyengar de Paris (16e): 16h-17h30
Sagesse et Harmonie (15e): 7h-8h, 8h30-9h30, 10h11h
Atelier Lolë Women (4e): 20h-21h 

Sat 16 June, 2012
All day long!

• On Sunday 17 June, Simon Pyrke of Yoga Pieds Nus is leading a Special Yoga class to help Max, a four year-old boy battling a high risk neuroblastoma. All proceeds from this 2-hour class will help get Max from Paris to New York City’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for treatment that is critical to his survival. For more information and to reserve your spot in class, please email Suggested donation: 25€. Donations can also be made online, via PayPal, to

Sun 17 June, 2012
At l’ARTicle, 6 rue de Paradis, 10e
M° Gare de l’Est, Château d’Eau