Teacher Trainings in Paris

I come from a studies-obsessed family. This may be unavoidable when both of your parents are educators, but I believe that even if my mother and father had chosen different professions, each member of my family would still have the same enthusiasm for reading, for homework, for incessantly learning new things. You’d think that, once retired, two language teachers would want to avoid anything that smacks of school, but not my parents. Once they closed the door on teaching, they jumped feet first into graduate school (again, this time in Italian), and opened the window onto Tango lessons. Anything they undertake, they undertake with curiosity, passion and commitment – and what is that but Abhyasa, a dedicated and persistent practice over time? They are yogis without even realizing it!

I hadn’t been practicing yoga for very long when I realized that I wanted to know more -- more about the poses and their alignment, more about the history, philosophy and mythology. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to teach (and after many immersions, trainings and intensives, I still waffle,) but the great thing is that the only requirement is a willing and inquisitive heart. What you learn will enrich you and endow you with more purpose and clarity, whether or not you decide to share what you know with a classroom of students. Let your inner teacher (Gurave) be your guide!

In chronological order:

Anama Yoga Teacher Training with TJ Jackson
“This is a program to help you find your Dharma—highest truth—and tap into your inner teacher.” I love this description because it encapsulates just how profoundly affecting a Teacher Training can be. This one is divided into four modules spread out over eight months, and covers everything from The Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras, to the koshas, gunas, mudras, bandhas, kriyas as well as Yoga Nidra which is a meditative yogic sleep practice that restores vital energy reserves.

If you’d just like to dip a toe into the current, you can sign up for individual sessions instead of the entire training. This training will be conducted in English.

Fri 29 June, 2012-Sun 28 April, 2013. At Inspire Yoga. More details here

200-Hour YogaWorks Intensive Teacher Training
This program led by Amy Lafond is designed for serious students and aspiring teachers, and provides a strong foundation in three main areas: theory and practice, philosophy and the art of teaching. YogaWorks has been training teachers for a long time, and their program is very thorough.

This training will be conducted in English.

Mon 2 July, 2012-Fri 27 July, 2012. At Génération Tao. More details here

Ashtanga Vinyasa Self-Development + Deepening Your Personal Practice Teacher Training
Linda Munro and Gérald Disse’s program is suited to students who wish to teach, and those who simply want to deepen their knowledge and experience. In both cases, Ashtanga Yoga Paris has devised a comprehensive course that spans not only asana, adjustments, pranayama and kriyas, but philosophy, history, and the chakra system.

While this training is conducted in English, Linda + Gérald are bilingual and will happily answer questions in French. A lot of the training manual is available in French as well.

Mon 2 July, 2012-Fri 3 August, 2012. At Ashtanga Yoga Paris. More details here and here

Advanced Teacher Training with Gérard Arnaud
Organized by Gaya Yoga, this Teacher Training is designed in two parts (which can be taken independently) -- the first part takes place this July, while the second takes place in 2013. The “advanced” part of the training touches on asana, dynamic sequences, therapeutics as well as anatomy, philosophy, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana and dhyana. A prerequisite of this course is having completed an initial training. Please email infos@yoga-paris.com to inquire.

Mon 16 July, 2012-Sun 22 July, 2012. Training will take place at Le Dojo, 6 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 11e. More details here

Ashtanga Vinyasa Intermediate Teacher Training—Self-Development + Deepening Your Personal Practice
This training is a nice way to add 300 hours to an existing 200-hour training to comply with Yoga Alliance’s 500-hour standards which are recognized worldwide as competency benchmarks for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®). This training will be led by both Linda and Gérald of Ashtanga Yoga Paris, and will feature Linda and Gérald’s own teachers, Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi. A tremendous opportunity to study with four experienced teachers!

While this training is conducted in English, Linda + Gérald are bilingual and will happily to answer questions in French. A lot of the training manual is available in French as well.

August 2012 (Dates TBD). At Ashtanga Yoga Paris. More details here