Yoga for the Philippines ♥

This Sunday 24 November at Paris Yoga, you can do yoga AND donate to the Croix Rouge Française to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the east-central Philippines have lost friends and family, and are struggling to survive in the aftermath of this devastation. Fresh water, food, hygiene materials and emergency shelter are desperately needed, and you can play a small part in helping people across the globe. 

Join Sharon Bales for a charity vinyasa class in English from 17h30-18h30.
Or take Guillaume Morgan’s hatha yoga class in French from 18h30-19h30.

Guillaume, a dancer and choreographer, has spent the last 10 years dividing his time between France and the Philippines, working with Philippino dance companies. The islands have touched his heart, and Guillaume will share his friendship with the Philippino people, their gentleness and joie de vivre.

Payment by check ONLY, made out to La Croix Rouge Française. More details on Paris Yoga’s site.