Paris Kicks Off the Holidays with Yoga Celebrations

Photo: WiffleGif

Photo: WiffleGif

In the next few weeks, Paris’s yoga community will be dressing up in sparkles and twinkling lights to usher in a season of sharing and celebration. From tea with fellow yogis, to anniversary parties, to practicing for the benefit of children far away, Paris’s unique yoga gifts will shine brighter than usual. Take that, Tour Eiffel!

• FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER, 2013 (19h-21h)
Celebrate Big Apple Yoga’s one year anniversary! Since opening the studio last November, the studio’s schedule has grown, its student community has multiplied, and Janelle and her team of dedicated yogis have hosted 5 international teachers who have led inspiring workshops and master classes. Keep the momentum going by bringing your energy to the studio and powering another successful year.

• THURSDAY 5 DECEMBER, 2013 (7h30-9h15 guided Ashtanga + Mysore, then brunch and shopping)
A Christmas practice by Mysore Yoga Paris for the children of Mysore, India! At the heart of yoga lies seva or service, and this celebration makes that a reality by donating 100% of what you contribute to Operation Shanti. Stay after Kia’s class for a Winter brunch -- bring something to share -- and buy gifts at Le Yoga Shop Paris’s pop-up store. Please RSVP to Cash ONLY.

• FRIDAY 13 DECEMBER, 2013 (18h45 until…)
On the menu for this party at L’Espace Bikram Paris is a practice at 18h45 followed by tastings and other surprises! To participate, make sure you reserve as space is limited.

• SUNDAY 15 DECEMBER, 2013 (18h until…)
Another big birthday party, this one at Centre de Yoga du Marais which is rejoicing not only in a new floor (youpi!) but in its 12 year anniversary. Many of Paris’s best-loved yoga teachers have been trained by Centre de Yoga du Marais’s founder Michelle Jacobi, and this get-together is a lovely occasion to reconnect with everyone. Sign up to attend and bring a dish to share (savory or sweet.)

• THURSDAY 26 DECEMBER, 2013 (16h-17h30)
Share your Christmas wishes and a cup of tea with Ashtanga Yoga Paris! This year, Linda and Gérald are keeping the home fires burning with five days of workshops at the studio, however you don’t need to be registered for any of the workshops to stop by and enjoy holiday cheer at this fête. 

• WEDNESDAY 1 JANUARY, 2014 (16h-17h30)
Begin the new year with positive affirmations, the support of friends, family and the yoga community! Bring something to drink or a galette des rois, and toast 2014 among friendly yogis at Ashtanga Yoga Paris.