Lady Niguma Yoga Event in Paris

Photo: © Sandri’neYoga Village, a new yoga studio on boulevard des Capucines in the 2ème arrondissement, has been in soft-launch mode, hosting yoga gatherings in anticipation of their grand opening. This weekend the studio, in partnership with Yoga Solidaire, welcomes Cécile Roubaud who will lead a one and a half-hour workshop entitled “Le Vinyasa de Lady Niguma,” which translates to “Lady Niguma Vinyasa.”

Who is this elusive Lady Niguma? She was a sage and an accomplished yogini who lived in India in the 11th century. The Vinyasa sequence that survives is one that she developed, and it is said that Lady Niguma Vinyasa is the only yoga series attributed to a female yoga master. In this cherished practice, yoga poses act not just on the physical body, but on the subtle/emotional body as well. By progressively opening the chakras, step-by-step, Prana (vital life force) begins to flow unencumbered. The effects of Lady Niguma’s Vinyasa are profound: well-being, relaxation, and feelings of happiness.

Event is BYOP (Bring Your Own Props): mat, blocks, straps, blankets, etc. More info is available on the Facebook event page (in French.) To reserve, shoot an email to