You + Yoga + Raw Cuisine + Music = An Unforgettable Experience

Photo: Tout Ça Pour Ça

Rasa is a Sanskrit term that is often defined as “flavor” or “essence.” Arranged in a wheel, the nine rasas describe the tones and qualities of our experiences -- from wondrous to gruesome -- and help us see value where at first we might not. This spectrum of tastes helps us engage more deeply in our lives, helps us appreciate all of the diversity in the world, and perceive our surroundings not as separate from us, but connected and intrinsic to us.

“… l’occasion de découvrir des nouvelles saveurs.” —Mika de Brito

Discover new rasas by participating in Tout Ça Pour Ça, the first-ever crowdfunded yoga experience in Paris! This project will unfold on Saturday 30 June from late morning on through the afternoon with yoga; vegan, raw and organic foods; vendors of all kinds, DJs and live music. Created by yoga teacher and musician Mika de Brito and Happy Crulture’s chef Camila Prioli, this happening needs your creative juice to succeed this month and in the months to come.

Add your rasa to the mix and fund the project!

Tout Ça Pour Ça has many levels of participation, depending on your desires and funding abilities: from 15€ (access to vendors and music) to 200€ (yoga, brunch and music at the event, plus a private class with Mika,) you get to choose the potency of your own experience. There is a flavor for everyone, from seasoned yogis to raw food newbies to music aficionados. If past performance is an indicator of future success (my sonic immersion in Mika’s YogaLab was, for me, one of the highlights of 2012’s Yoga Festival Paris),Tout Ça Pour Ça will be one-of-a-kind and not to be missed! And its success depends on you, so contribute and do your part to ensure this project comes to life.