Funkify Your Yoga

Photo: Colette Gym

Whenever you feel your commitment to your yoga practice wavering, you know what the best prescription is? MIX THINGS UP! The way to do that is through experimentation. Depending on how you feel and -- let’s be honest, how much money you have -- you can swap your usual habits for different classes, new studios, fresh playlists, or quieter home practices like pranayama, meditation, restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra (new favorite.)

If you’re looking for more guidance in getting out of a rut and funkifying your practice, there are a growing number of classes in Paris that roll yoga’s strength-building and stretching into entirely new, and fun, fitness concepts*. Our two recent favorites are listed below.

Let’s Shape de Colette Gym avec Julie Ferrez

This is a FREE class at Elephant Paname offered by Colette. It is taught by charismatic health and fitness coach Julie Ferrez whose choreography will have you enjoying yourself the minute the first song hits the speakers. This hour-and-a-half long session features dance, yoga, core exercises, floor barre work and in an unusual twist, jump-rope (which in case you haven’t done it in a while, is a real ass-kicker.) You’ll interval train, sweat to high-octane dance music before eventually slowing down and finishing with some yoga and a well-deserved savasana. We had a blast and our only regret is that Julie and Colette do not offer this class more often. We would go every week!

Next session: Tuesday 11 February (email to request invitation to session and to join Colette Gym newsletter)

Pyrfit with Maïk at Rituel Studio and other locations

Maïk is a personal trainer whose background includes competitive basketball, fitness, yoga and pilates. Pyrfit—P for Pilates, Y for Yoga, R for Running, Fit for Fitness—is the system he developed which leverages his extensive knowledge in each of these different modalities. What Maïk has perfected is not a mix of practices, but rather a thoughtful ordering of them that emphasizes five key points: concentration, breathwork, strengthening, activating and relaxing. What this means is that you’ll perform movements in timed sets of repetitions to a motivating soundtrack while Maïk delivers clear breath and alignment instruction. This is a class that goes deep without a lot of fanfare—you will be sore and feel superhero strong the next day! 

*Yeah, that’s right. We just used the words “fitness” and “concept” near the word “yoga.” We are crazy like that! Sometimes it’s good to trade a bit of orthodoxy for new experiences. Best case scenario? You discover something that you love and that inspires you. Worst case scenario? You hate it and you never have to do it again. Qui ne risque rien, n’a rien !