The Daily Love’s “Enter the Heart” Tour Lands in Paris

Last night, Big Apple Yoga France opened its studio and hosted the Paris stop on The Daily Love’s “Enter the Heart” tour. It was an evening of Kundalini yoga (an ass-kicker -- or should I say arm-kicker? -- session led by the energetic, Paris-based Carol Issa,) and music, wild dancing, conga line massages, meditation, hugs, daring and sharing led by Mastin Kipp.

The scene at the beginning was rather subdued as participants organized their mats and chit-chatted with one another.

It didn’t take long for Mastin to whip up a sense of community, a “sacred container” as he called it, for the group to begin excavating through the layers of our individual stories -- stories, that once unearthed and shared, revealed more commonalities than differences. It is always surprising when you talk to a total stranger and realize how many parallels there are in your goals and aspirations…

Photo: Jo Ishiguro

There were a lot of takeaways, but my favorite is this quote of Mastin’s that is still reverberating: “Fear is a compass showing you where to go.” This, to me, is such a practical interpretation Abhaya, the Sanskrit term that encapsulates both fear and fearlessness, and was such a clever way of bringing together the yoga practices with the coaching and journaling exercises.