Groovy French Musique

As you can imagine, it drives me crazy when people disparage French music. While I admit that there are some very triste chapters in the history of Francophone warbling -- ugh! hilarious! -- which country has not birthed questionable pop music, I ask you? Nations in glass houses should not throw stones. And anyway, as stated before, your Yums are very likely someone else's Yucks.

With that, here are some recent Gallic faves that have been making their way into my yoga playlists.

I recently saw Arthur H. live, and let me tell you: the man puts on an amazing show. If you’ll permit the comparison, he’s like a cross between Serge Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits with a whole lot of funk thrown in. Fab! There’s still time to get tickets to his show on Saturday 31 March at the Théâtre de l’Odéon. Highly recommended!