Yogateau… en Mouvement!


One of the best things about developing Yogateau has been getting to know the people who make yoga in Paris so unique. With every Teacher Spotlight, we discover how truly open and international the community of Parisian yogis is: of the three teachers so far interviewed, one is Canadian, one is Swedish, and one is Colombian! Their native cultures couldn’t be more different, yet they are all connected by their love and gratitude for the practice and by their desire to share it with others.

Another such teacher (and a French one at that!) is Laurence Gay, a Prana Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher, and the founder of yogaenmouvement. Laurence’s name has been at the top of my list of teachers to reach out to, so imagine my surprise when her interview request sailed into my inbox. What luck! While you wait for her Teacher Spotlight – coming soon! – read on to learn more about me and about the genesis of Yogateau.

Many thanks to Laurence for her very kind work and her keen detective work!