Cool Haunting: Passage Brady

If you do yoga for long enough, India begins to flood your senses. Little by little, like rising water, you find yourself doing things à l’indienne without even realizing it: placing your hands in anjali mudra to say thank you, creating altars out of beloved objects, kicking off your shoes the minute you get home.

Today I was in Paris’s Little India with a friend. We had lunch at my favorite South Indian vegetarian restaurant near the Gare du Nord, then we biked down to the Passage Brady for some good, old fashioned threading (OMG -- Oh My Ganesh -- it’s only 7€) and grocery shopping.

While the Passage has seen better days, I love its shambolic decrepitude and the men who invite you into their restaurants like gentle carnival barkers. While I wouldn't eat in any of those establishments (seriously, go to Saravanaa Bhavan instead), Velan is a fun stop for spices, lentils, tea, dried fruit, beauty products (I like the sandalwood soap from Mysore,) and other things. It’s not quite as big as VT Cash & Carry on rue Cail, but it’s smaller footprint is easier to navigate and if you’re just picking up a few things, it’s an easy dash-in, dash-out.