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Shamanic Healing, Energy Integration + Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Sarah Eve Cardell

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual paths known to mankind, a way of life that gifts one easy and applicable tools to apply to modern day wellness. Come and join American shaman Sarah Eve Cardell as she shares her experience of what she has learned from indigenous teachers, teaching the core practices of shamanism that allow you to access individual healing and ways to empower your daily life. This sacred circle is a wonderful opportunity for all to come together in a safe environment to fully open our hearts to compassion and deepen our spiritual practices.

Shamanic practices globally have certain core characteristics. A shaman is a man or a woman who serves their community as a teacher, counselor, and healer by connecting with spirit guides, ancestors, the elements, to gain wisdom and healing guidance for others. Drums and/or rattles are most often the tools used in guiding the shaman into the meditative state to access this information. This process is what is called the shamanic journey. Other tools used in shamanic ceremonies include stones, crystals, teas, and herbs for cleansing energy.

Three workshops which can be taken individually or as a complete immersion
• Introduction to Shamanic Healing (Friday 19h30-21h30)
• Shamanic Energy Integration + Raw Vegan Cuisine Tasting (Saturday 14h30-17h)
• Sacred Cacao Ceremony (Saturday 19h-21h30)

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OÙ/WHERE : Caelo Yoga
TARIF : 45€ (atelier seul) ou 120€ (tous les trois)