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Moon Day Restorative Practice with Lise

Photo: Mysore Yoga Paris

Photo: Mysore Yoga Paris

On the New Moon, the regular Mysore practice is replaced by Lise’s Restorative class.

Lise will mindfully guide you through a relaxing sequence of postures that Kia has developed particularly for times like new moon days, when the energy is lower and a more quiet approach is recommended. Over time you will learn this sequence by heart so you can use it whenever you need to restore and replenish. 

This nourishing practice cultivates awareness and helps the body to release and let go of muscle tension and joint restrictions. It balances the nervous system and teaches us how to listen internally and adapt the practice to support our physical needs and mind state. Cultivating a restorative practice to complement your regular Ashtanga practice is an invaluable tool to have in life as we—just like the moon—wax and wane. 

This 90-min class open to all levels and included in your regular class card.

OÙ/WHERE : Mysore Yoga Paris
TARIF/FEE : 22€ ou une croix sur votre carte de cours