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Write + Breathe with Elaine Konopka

Photo: Elaine Konopka/The Attentive Body

Photo: Elaine Konopka/The Attentive Body

This workshop features two powerful practices: writing for wellbeing and conscious breathing.

Writing about important emotional subjects has been shown to improve mental and physical wellbeing, affecting everything from stress levels to immune function. In our meetings, you’ll use writing as a tool to dig deep, examine your life, recall the important stories of your existence, identify patterns, and imagine alternatives. Come if you’d like to:

  • put your thoughts on the page without censoring yourself

  • learn from your experience

  • name your struggles, face your fears, and rediscover your strengths

  • make decisions and plan action

  • take responsibility for yourself

  • find meaning in your life

  • see the wonder in life and celebrate your existence

  • have fun writing with other people

Conscious breathing has been shown to affect heart rate, blood pressure, muscular tension, stamina, the production of “stress hormones” such as cortisol and adrenaline, and the ability to manage pain, concentrate, and relax. It’s the perfect complement to the act of writing, keeping it full and physical.

Write & Breathe is led by Elaine Konopka, a somatic therapist (The Attentive Body/Elaine Konopka) and writer (The Write Thing to Do).

Space is limited, so you must sign-up in advance if you'd like to attend. The main language for the workshop will be English, but you can write in whatever language you like.

OÙ/WHERE : 147 rue Oberkampf (11e)
TARIF/FEE : PWYW (pay what you want)

Earlier Event: May 19
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