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Ashtanga Yoga Lecture Series + Puja Ritual with Eddie Stern

Photo: Eddie Stern

Photo: Eddie Stern

A special opportunity to learn with a renowned master of Ashtanga Yoga! Eddie Stern is the founder of the Broome St. Temple and Ashtanga Yoga New York.

Ashtanga Yoga Paris is honored to welcome Eddie Stern to their studio.

All levels are welcome. No prior experience with yoga required.

  • Saturday 8 June, 2019 (16h-18h)
    Lecture: Stillness, Feeling, Acting and Thinking

  • Sunday 9 June, 2019 (18h-20h)
    Workshop: Yoga Therapy and Resonance Breathing—Down-regulating Inflammation

  • Monday 10 June, 2019 (18h-20h)
    “One Simple Thing” book signing and Puja ritual (Ganesh ceremony)
    * Please wear clean, festive clothing, and bring fresh fruits, nuts, or flowers, which we will offer to Ganesh during the ritual.

More details here!

OÙ/WHERE : Ashtanga Yoga Paris
TARIF/FEE : 30€/Lecture; 45€/Yoga Therapy workshop; book signing and puja are FREE