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YOGAdelight Nature Conference (Bad Aibling, Germany)


This autumn, the second YOGAdelight Nature Conference will take place at the B&O Parkhotel in Bavaria. The idyllic surroundings, the ecological concept and the purist, campus-like hotel design create the harmonious surroundings for this unique event that brings together the best of a yoga retreat and a yoga conference. The course content focuses on deepening knowledge and practice around the topics of yoga therapy, yoga asana, yin yoga, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy.

We use the unique energy of autumn to enhance the profound exploration of our own being.

The date for the retreat is not a random choice, for there is no better season than the autumn for retreat, deceleration and the essential issues of life. The Nature Conference is therefore intended to be an inward journey that leaves plenty of room to deal with one's own essence – on physical, psychological, mental and emotional levels.

Cultivation of Internal Qualities

The performance focus, which has such a strong influence on the modern world of yoga, will deliberately take a back seat at the YOGAdelight Nature Conference so we can cultivate our inner qualities. Asanas—in particular in their restorative and compensatory yin variation—will not be excluded as important yoga practice building blocks, but the holistic focus will be on accompanying the participants on their personal path to inner harmony and self-knowledge, guided by lectures, multiple hours of intensive workshops, philosophical talks, meditation sessions and evenings filled with music.

The carefully selected teacher line-up emphasizes this mission: Andrea Boni, Bitta Boerger, Carlos Pomeda, Christina Lobe, Christiane Wolff, Frank Schuler, Dr. Günter Niessen, Katchie Ananda, Katharina Lehmann, Marc Holzman, Michael Forbes, Satyaa & Pari, Tanja Seehofer, Tobias Frank, Yann Kuhlmann and the Smiling Shaman are the personalities who will enrich this event in a variety of ways.

Full program available here!

OÙ/WHERE : B&O Parkhotel (Bad Aibling, Germany)
TARIF/FEE : 139€-549€€ selon pass choisi/depending on pass chosen