Student Spotlight: Fleur Mirzayantz Of Mademoiselle Yoga

“Yoga has become a real necessity, on the same level of importance as the arms of my beloved.”

Photo: Mademoiselle Yoga

Photo: Mademoiselle Yoga

We met Fleur Mirzayantz at Beyoga last month while we were waiting for Marc Holzman’s class to begin. While getting ready, Fleur confided that she, too, has combined her twin loves of yoga and Paris into a cool idea: Mademoiselle Yoga!

Mademoiselle Yoga is a yoga mat bag company whose designs are practical, chic and ethically produced. All of Mademoiselle Yoga’s bags are created in Paris, hand-crafted and made to order by disabled artisans from ESAT Ménilmontant, a social service in the 20ème arrondissement that provides work opportunities to develop the artisans’ autonomy and professional integration into society. Fleur is a yogi whose practice is transforming not just her life, but the lives of others as well. Get a Mademoiselle Yoga bag, and help someone in need. What could be more yoga than that?

What’s your yoga story? How long have you been doing yoga?

After a number of years spent dancing, I discovered yoga during a trip to Kerala two years ago. Since then, I’ve become totally addicted!

What style of yoga do you practice?

I practice Anusara with Marc Holzman and Ashtanga. In my search for well-being, these two types of yoga are, for me, pretty complementary. They allow me to truly pause, to recharge, to reenergize all while building muscle.

Favorite pose? Not so favorite pose?

I detest handstand and its variations, as I don’t have much confidence in my arms. But Marc adores these poses, so I am obliged to at least try them! My favorite poses are Karnapidasana which I find enormously relaxing, and Uttana Padasana.

Photo: Mademoiselle Yoga

Photo: Mademoiselle Yoga

Besides the physical benefits, what additional effects (if any) has yoga had on your life?

I think I pay more attention to my body. In fact, I am planning to quit smoking. I’m sure that yoga will help me with that. Can we check back in a month?

What surprises you the most about practicing in Paris?

Without a doubt, the quality of the teachers!

What is it about yoga that keeps you coming back?

Yoga has become a real necessity, on the same level of importance as the arms of my beloved ☺

What’s your favorite post-yoga class treat? Any special addresses or recipes you’d like to share?

Like any good Parisienne: light a Diptyque candle, prepare a dinner with red wine and cheese for friends, take a stroll through the Palais Royal.