Les Nouveaux Gourous de Hollywood

Hollywood’s new gurus… We almost didn’t read this piece because we were instantly irked by the use of the word “guru.” At Yogateau, we believe that everyone and everything is a guru! You can learn as much from an experience as you can from an individual, which is why “guru”, for us, is more of a principle than a principal.

We kept reading the article because sandwiched between the Detox guru, the Eyebrow guru, the Green guru, the Style guru, the Hair guru, the Yoga guru (Tara Stiles, above) and the Spiritual guru was Michael Pollan, the Healthy Food guru.

Michael Pollan? If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering how Michael Pollan ended up on a list with Tara Stiles and Sally Hershberger.

According to Madame Figaro, what Michael Pollan and the rest of Hollywood’s new gurus have in common is not just that they’re leaders in their fields; it’s that they’re adept at connecting with people. And this is their real talent, the true secret of their success. All of them use twenty-first century tools to communicate and bond with their audiences. In addition to books and products, these new gurus have broadened their reach via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channels, blogs, teleseminars… “tout un programme” (a whole program.) They’ve mastered the art of networking and self-promotion, and display a formidable (show) business sense.

Can’t really argue with that.

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