Creation then Dissolution… then Creation again!

The Yogateau team is off to the Hautes Pyrénées for a bit of R&R (no idea this was a military term!), and we thought we would leave you with this image from the Yoga Festival Paris 2012.

During the entirety of the festival, this mandala grew in complexity and beauty, each exuberant color a reflection of the energy and dynamism of the events and people. We are still a bit electric ourselves from the workshops in which we participated, the teachers and vendors we spoke with, and the ever-expanding Yogateau community.

While we process the experience, we leave you with this news: the festival was such a great success, that there will be another one in 2013! Make sure you add your name to the mailing list and Like the Festival on Facebook in order to be kept apprised of news and opportunities to participate next year. And of course, don’t forget to follow all of the news via Yogateau :-)

After creation, dissolution… then creation again!