Sit back, relax… SFO to CDG in Two minutes

Last week San Francisco’s International Airport (SFO) inaugurated its very own Yoga Room. This small, zen space, located in Terminal 2 (just past security, near boarding area D,) is an oasis from the omnipresent, frantic energy of the airport. Travelers passing through San Francisco now have a place to stretch out while they wait for their flights. So much more centering than attempting agnistambhasana from the waiting area’s seats.

Naturally, the news spread quickly online, and while a lot of it had a whiff of “only in San Francisco” condescension, most of it was very positive and supportive. The airport’s director, John L. Martin—himself a yogi with an 18-year practice!—said that the Yoga Room was “another leap forward in providing […] travelers the opportunity and space to relax and decompress on their own terms.” 

Imagine traveling between San Francisco and Paris (wouldn’t 2 minutes be dreamy?) and being bolstered by a short, nervous system-calming asana practice. The cramped voyage would certainly seem shorter! If this is the future of air travel, then we should all get on board.