Drishti Reboot

“Le louvre, 2012” by RavelChapuis

Are there occasions when you’re just walking around, marvelling at how many people must have walked in your exact steps, so many years before? Some of us tend to look down when ambling about town so much so that we’re usually launched into reverie solely by what’s underfoot—a worn paving stone, the ghost of an old poster, or a crack in the pavement. It is like peeking through time, and suddenly being made aware of your place on a continuum that stretches as far backwards as it does forward.

If this is you, try looking up and out more, and attempt to broaden your field of vision whenever possible. It’s an interesting exercise because it really does feel like an exercise, like you are deliberately working to alter a pattern. The results can be startling, and the more you practice, the more you realize this is yoga! Training your eyes to land and linger in new places is essentially a drishti reboot. We are taking in more than before, and gaining appreciation for what’s been there all along. As in the video above, sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to see familiar things with a renewed sense of wonder.