New Year, New Practice

It was a weekend of epiphanies, first in the form of eating a galette des rois, possibly one of the most delectable French pastries in the universe; and second, in the form of something Christina Sell* said during the course of a series of workshops we attended in Brooklyn:

“Be a student of your own experience.”

Yes! The perfect thing to keep in mind, always, but especially at the beginning of a new year when we’re filled with dreams and goals and plans, when our attention is easily distracted by lists of “Things to Achieve in 2013” rather than what is already evolving right inside ourselves.

We feel like shouting, “Trust your instincts!” If it feels good to start your yoga practice with Wild Thing, do it. If a teacher says that getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of a class is a mark of disrespect, go and pee before you give yourself a bladder infection.** If a job looks better on paper than it feels in your stomach, listen to your stomach. You are your own guru.

That, we suppose, is our hope for 2013: To spend more time practicing being a considerate student of yoga, of ourselves, of our lives, and “letting the silence breathe”. We also want to read more, travel more and some of us (Martine) want to finally stick handstand in the middle of the room without a spotter but those aren’t nearly as important ;)

* Are you reading Christina’s blog? You should be!

**True story! This happened to Martine, twice as a matter of fact.