European Yogi Nomads: Annecy

Photo: European Yogi Nomads

Photo: European Yogi Nomads

It’s that time again: time to announce the latest edition of European Yogi Nomads! After sharing yoga and friendship in Berlin, BaselCopenhagen, Paris, Lausanne and Lisbon, the group will land in Annecy, in Haute-Savoie, in February 2014.

As we’ve mentioned before, European Yogi Nomads is a group that organizes yoga-fueled weekends throughout Europe, each event hosted by a local teacher. In EYN’s own words, “The idea of European Yogi Nomads is to explore and to connect! It’s an opportunity to visit cities within Europe by really connecting with the local scene and combine it with a fun yoga workshop at a pricing that’s affordable for everyone. Accommodation is provided by the local yoga students of the hosting city (couch surfing for yogis).”

Entitled “Peak Oxygen Winter Pause,” this retreat weekend promises as much practice as good times. As you know, European Yogi Nomads is dedicated to building community through affordable European retreats, where couch-surfing and shared laughter hold as much potential for transformation as the poses on your mat.

That said, practice is indeed the focus, and each time EYN gets together, they welcome amazing teachers from all over the place. For Annecy, this means you’ll be able to study with Todd Tesen, Vincent Pezet, Manel Rodrigues, Katy Misson, Tara Judelle, Marc Holzman, Chantal Russell, Anne Vandewalle, Tracy Chaplin, Cécile Roubaud, Konstantinos Charantiniotis, Andrea Freely, Diana Schöpplein and Elise Le Goff.

To register, head over to the EYN schedule page and sign up for couchsurfing, workshops, excursions and the Saturday night dinner party. We highly recommend joining the European Yogi Nomads Facebook page to be kept up-to-date with developments. The organizers are busy planning future events, and if a yoga retreat to Athens (May 2014) or London (September 2014) sounds exciting, become a member!