Friday 5/Vendredi V: Inspiration

Photo: Terence Arjo

Photo: Terence Arjo

Photo: Terence Arjo

1/ TRAVEL YogaLab at the Festival de Cannes (Villa Schweppes, Friday May 17-23, 2013)

Mika de Brito and Marco Prince take their groovy “yoga en immersion sonore” party on the road! Put on your cans, and get your asana down with music, lighting and projections.

2/ MAKE “Gnocchis aux orties” (J’veux Être Bonne) or “Spring Soba Noodle Salad” (FOOD52)

3/ PRACTICE Meditation (various)

Thanks to technology, it is getting easier to create space in your life for meditation. Try Inner BalanceCalm, or Insight Timer to improve your well-being, shift your behavior and track your practice.

4/ READ “Do What You Can Do” by Christina Sell (On Living the Light of Yoga)

Christina advises that in order to advance our practices intelligently -- on or off the mat -- we need to “accept where we are without judgement.”

5/ LISTEN Shahid Parvez Khan + Nihar Mehta at Musée Guimet

On Friday 17 May, spend an evening at the Musée Guimet which will buzz and beat to the rhythms of the sitar and tabla. Tickets still available!